Lucia's story about Alessio in 'The White Lotus' may be a lie, and his Episode 1 cameo could be proo...

The White Lotus Has A Major Clue Lucia Is Lying About Alessio

It goes all the way back to Episode 1.


Lucia always has a plan, but it could all be falling apart for everyone’s favorite White Lotus charmer with the introduction of a shady new character. Or perhaps that’s just what she wants us to think. There is still so much mystery around who Alessio really is in The White Lotus Season 2, but truly eagle-eyed fans know that he’s been hanging around for much longer than it appears.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 5. Albie and Lucia’s relationship took the next step in Episode 5, although that meant vastly diferent things for the two of them. Albie may have seen their night together as the start of a budding romance, but to Lucia, it was just another transaction — and perhaps even a golden opportunity. When Albie confessed he didn’t have enough money to pay Lucia at the moment, she mentioned a violent man who would demand the cash from her if she couldn’t get it. Later in the episode, this man — Alessio — made an appearance. Alessio summoned Lucia away from Albie while the two were on a cute little ice cream date, and then forcefully grabbed her before she pulled away from him.

However, everything may not be as it seems with Alessio. After he popped up, fans recalled seeing him all the way back in the season premiere. In Lucia and Mia’s introductory scene, he can actually be spotted on the side of the road; he even exchanges a few quick words with Lucia. But those words aren’t threats — they actually seem to be a friendly agreement to call one another later.


This quick scene in the premiere suggests Lucia and Alessio have a completely different dynamic than she let on to Albie. Perhaps he’s her boyfriend who agreed to play a part to help scam a naive, rich vacationer. Or, maybe he’s another client whose jealousy Lucia used to make things seem more dangerous than they are.

Either way, Lucia has all the motive in the world to lie to Albie about Alessio, so it certainly seems like he may not be who she said he was. Inventing a dangerous, money-hungry manager is the perfect way for Lucia to guilt Albie out of his family’s wealth, playing right into his white-knight savior complex. While Alessio’s identity still isn’t confirmed, it definitely seems like he’s just another pawn in Lucia’s grand plan.

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