Adam DiMarco, who plays Albie on 'The White Lotus' Season 2, is known for starring in 'Radio Rebel' ...

Albie On The White Lotus Will Look Familiar To Very Specific Fandoms

Radio Rebel hive, this is our time.


The White Lotus is welcoming a ton of familiar faces into its Sicilian resort in Season 2. No, you won’t have seen many of them from Season 1’s Hawaiian excursion, but you definitely will recognize the new vacationers from tons of other buzzy projects. Film and TV darlings like Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, and Haley Lu Richardson have booked their first stay on this season of The White Lotus, and they’re also joined by a certain fandom fave getting his big break as the shy Stanford grad Albie Di Grasso. If you’re wondering where you recognize Albie on The White Lotus from, it’s probably because you’ve seen one of Adam DiMarco’s past movie or TV roles.

On The White Lotus, Albie seems to be the only moral compass in the Di Grasso family, stuck on a pretty disastrous trip with his self-involved father, Dom, and his pervy grandpa, Bert. Initially, he comes off as kind of a shy loner, but once he meets Portia, a fellow vacationer who’s also trapped by circumstance, his charm comes to the surface. The role of a kind of goofy but impossibly lovable charmer isn’t new for actor Adam DiMarco, who’s come up starring in hit sci-fi shows and Disney Channel movies.


Prior to flying out to The White Lotus, DiMarco is perhaps best known for his two major roles in fandom-beloved fantasy shows. From 2016 to 2020, DiMarco recurred on SyFy’s witchy series The Magicians as the fun-loving party boy magician, Todd. He then went on to star in Netflix’s two-season supernatural thriller The Order, taking the spotlight as a werewolf named Randall.


Before earning his sci-fi bona fides, DiMarco starred in Disney Channel Original Movies. He played Zendaya’s stepbrother in 2014’s Zapped, and Debby Ryan’s love interest in 2012’s Radio Rebel. Yes, you can thank DiMarco for creating that iconic Debby Ryan meme — he’s the one she’s staring at in the now-iconic scene.

DiMarco also has a music career; he’s released two singles under the name Good One.

Find out if DiMarco creates another meme-able moment or makes sweet music as Albie as The White Lotus Season 2 releases new episodes Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max.