'White Lotus 2' filming locations include the shores of Sicily.

Grab Your Passport To Visit These White Lotus Season 2 Filming Locations In Italy

These destinations are even more ‘Gram-worthy than Season 1’s.

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After taking home 10 Emmys, including Outstanding Limited Series, at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, fans are more excited than ever to watch The White Lotus Season 2. The season, which premiered in October, has a new cast (minus Jennifer Coolidge reprising her role of Tanya McQuoid) and a brand new location. If you’re wondering, where was The White Lotus Season 2 filmed, get ready for some bucket list-worthy filming locations that may be even more exciting than the first season’s.

Guests will need to pack their passports this time around, as The White Lotus Season 2 takes place in Sicily, Italy. The gorgeous location was even front and center in the promo for the new season, which was a spoof of an ad for The White Lotus resort in Sicily. In the Season 2 premiere episode, you’ve already been introduced to a lot of drama, interesting characters, and breathtaking locations. Even though it takes place in Italy, that doesn’t always mean that Italy was actually where Season 2 of White Lotus filmed. A lot of the time, productions will have to fake their locations for various reasons, like budget or timing. However, for anyone who thought to themselves, “Where is Season 2 of White Lotus filmed,” while watching Episode 1, you’ll be happy to know they actually did shoot on location in Italy.

In fact, fans with wanderlust and Italy on their bucket list may want to show their support by visiting some of The White Lotus Season 2 filming locations. You’ll first need to know where to book your plane tickets, though. And hopefully, your trip will be less dramatic than the one the guests experience at The White Lotus.

Where Is Season 2 Of The White Lotus Filmed?

Four Seasons San Domenico Palace
Piazza San Domenico De Guzman, 98039 Taormina Messina, Italy
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Back in January, Variety reported that most of The White Lotus Season 2 was being filmed at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, according to an inside source. The Four Seasons in Maui was also used as a White Lotus resort for Season 1, so it seems they’re sticking with the same company. The resort in Sicily has a spa, which Tanya would love, as well as an infinity pool and gorgeous views of the Ionian Sea.


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