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The Elite Season 5 Trailer Teases *Another* Murder

It wouldn't be Las Encinas without one.

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More Elite is officially headed your way. Ever since it premiered back in 2018, Netflix's hit teen drama has been full of wild twists and turns. But in one of its most surprising reveals yet, the show was already renewed for another season before Season 4 even dropped, showing just how in-demand the teen drama is. While you're waiting to catch up with all the gossip at Las Encinas, here's everything to know about Elite Season 5.

Warning: Spoilers for Elite Season 4 follow. As the Elite Season 3 finale made clear, the series is going to change in a big way moving forward. At the end of the pivotal third season, almost all the characters got unexpected happy endings, a huge change from the soapy murder mystery that usually hangs over their lives. With lead characters Nadia and Lucrecia off to college in the United States, Carla off to study abroad, and Polo dead, it seemed like the main ensemble's stories were already wrapped up.

Only a handful of original characters were still left at Las Encinas in Season 4, and a crop of dramatic new arrivals helped shake things up, as the OG crew became mixed up with the new principal’s three children and a troubled young prince. The Season 4 finale teased a few more big farewells are likely in store when Season 5 starts. One thing is clear: The upcoming seasons of Elite are bound to expand the show's world in a whole new way. Here's what to know about Season 5:

Elite Season 5 Cast

The recent season said goodbye to several main cast members and sadly, Season 5 will also have a major absence. A few weeks after Season 4 aired, Miguel Bernardeau posted a video to Twitter saying farewell to Elite, confirming Guzmán won’t be in Season 5.

While Guzmán is a major character, his departure isn’t too surprising considering Season 4 ended with him departing on a backpacking trip around Europe with Ander. The ending also seemed to hint Ander may not return for Season 5, but Arón Piper has yet to confirm or deny if he will be in the upcoming season or not. Since Piper’s name was not included among the cast in Netflix’s Season 5 release date announcement, it doesn’t seem likely that Ander will be back.

Some characters who are confirmed to pop up are Elite's four brand-new cast members that were added to Season 4's main cast: Patrick (Manu Rios), Ari (Carla Díaz), Mencía (Martina Cariddi), and Phillipe (Pol Granch). They play the three children of Las Encinas’ new principal and the high-profile aristocrat who transferred into the school following a scandal. All four new characters ended Season 4 with an arc to explore in a new season.

And, as always, Las Encinas will be welcoming a few new faces in Season 5 as well. Valentina Zenere will play Isadora, the young heiress of a nightlife empire. André Lamoglia joins the drama as Iván, the son of the world’s biggest soccer star. And finally, Adam Nourou will play a character named Bilal, who is going to complicate things for Sam and Omar.

Elite Season 5 Plot

Since the show's main mystery surrounding Marina's death got wrapped up in Season 3, the gang dealt with all-new drama in Season 4 that will carry into Season 5. The central mystery in Season 4 revolved around an attack on Ari that left her unconscious in a lake. Luckily, the principal’s golden child survived, but when Guzmán found the man that attacked her (an abusive businessman named Armando), he killed him and enlisted Sam and Rebe to help him cover it up. With another secret murder infiltrating the group, Season 5 will likely be another cover-up story.

Elite Season 5 Premiere Date

Netflix revealed Elite will return for its fifth season on April 8. The press release arrived less than a month ahead of the new season, on Monday, March 14.

Elite Season 5 Trailer

The Season 5 trailer dropped on Monday, March 30. The glitzy clip focused heavily on all the new characters joining Las Encinas this season, but also teased the fallout of Armando’s murder at the end of Season 4. The trailer shows the police discovering Armando’s body in the lake and Sam getting arrested, so obviously that investigation will be a big part of the season.

The big reveal, though, is another potential murder. The trailer ends with a shot of Patrick covered in blood, with what appears to be a body behind him.


Find out what’s really going on when Elite Season 5 arrives on Netflix on April 8.

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