The 'Elite' Season 4 finale made it seem like Guzman and Ander would not be back for Season 5.

We Need To Talk About WTF Happened In The Elite Season 4 Finale

There's shook, and then there's Elite finale shook.


Another season of Elite has left fans with their jaws on the floor, and although the fandom is getting used to having to say goodbye to their favorite characters at the end of each season, this may be the hardest departure yet. Although nothing’s confirmed, the Season 4 finale strongly suggested two core Elite characters won’t be back for Season 5. Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t finished the Elite Season 4 finale. The big question is: Will Ander and Guzmán be in Elite Season 5, or was that finale really their big farewell? If they aren’t coming back, their absence will have a huge effect on the rest of the crew next season.

Both Ander and Guzmán had to deal with a lot of romantic drama in Season 4, courtesy of their school’s new principal’s kids. While Ander tried to find a balance between his stable boyfriend Omar and seductive party-boy Patrick, Guzmán competed with Sam for the affections of golden child Ari. In the end, Ander was able to work things out with Omar, but knowing that it had long been Ander’s dream to take a backpacking trip around Europe, Omar gave his boyfriend his blessing to go out and explore the world. Ander didn’t wind up going alone, though. After Guzmán realized Ari and Sam belonged together, he concluded there was nothing keeping him tied to Madrid and decided to join Ander on his trip.


It’s not clear how long Ander and Guzmán’s backpacking trip is going to take, but Ander’s mom did imply he was dropping out of school for it, and the goodbyes felt very intense. Unless there’s a sizable time jump between seasons, it doesn’t seem likely Ander and Guzmán will be part of Season 5, but at least the trip leaves the door open for them to return later on.

If the two jocks do stay away next season, it opens up a lot of messy storylines for the rest of the Las Encinas gang. Guzmán did just kill a guy right before leaving the country, after all, so with him M.I.A., the blame will most likely fall on Sam and Rebe, who helped him hide the body. And because Omar agreed to open up their relationship while Ander is on his trip, he can now freely explore his situation with Patrick.

With so many departures of original cast members throughout the years, if Ander and Guzmán sit next season out, the only OG Elite characters left will be Sam and Omar. Fans will have to wait to see what goes down when Elite Season 5 hits Netflix.