'Elite's Season 4 finale ended with a ton of questions and possible theories leading into Season 5.

6 Elite Season 5 Theories After That Season 4 Finale

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By now, it would be more surprising if a season of Elite *didn’t* end with about a million twists. The hit Spanish drama’s fourth season dropped on Netflix on Friday, June 18, and although many of the previous seasons’ main characters weren’t present this time around, it was still an incredible wild ride for the Las Encinas crew. If you’ve already marathoned all eight new episodes (how could you not?), then you probably have a million questions and theories about Elite Season 5 after that Season 4 finale.

The new run of episodes was a big shift for Elite, since Season 3 ended with several main characters departing from Las Encinas. Nadia, Lucrecia, and Carla all left Spain after graduating, leaving Sam, Guzmán, Ander, Omar, Rebeka, and Cayetana behind. In their place, some new characters enrolled in Las Encinas to shake things up. Siblings Ari, Patrick, and Mencía became complicated frenemies with the group after their strict father was instated as Las Encinas’ new principal, and their connections also brought in a European dignitary named Phillipe.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on until you’ve finished watching Elite Season 4. The new characters brought a heaping helping of drama with them, and in the end, the group found themselves covering up yet another murder. Netflix has already renewed Elite for Season 5, so let’s get into some theories about what the future might hold.

1. Guzmán and Ander will be gone.

As if saying goodbye to Nadia, Lucrecia, and Carla wasn’t already hard enough, it looks like Elite fans may have to bid farewell to Guzmán and Ander, too. In the final moments of Season 4, the besties decided to explore the world on a backpacking trip. Although it wasn’t clear how long this trip will last, the goodbyes were very emotional, which suggests they may not be around in Season 5.


2. Sam and Rebeka will be accused of Armando’s murder.

Guzmán and Ander’s potential absence in Season 5 would actually affect a ton of other storylines. For one, Guzmán did just kill a guy. After rescuing Ari, Guzmán chased down the predatory creep Armando and shot him with a flare gun, enlisting Sam and Rebe to help him sink the body in the lake. With Guzmán possibly M.I.A., it looks like the crime may be instead traced to Sam and Rebe once investigators realize Armando is missing.

3. Omar will date Patrick.

When Ander left for his trip, Omar gave him his blessing to see other people while they are apart. It really seems like this open relationship is going to lead to Omar exploring things with Patrick. While it initially seemed like Patrick was only into Ander, he wound up growing a lot closer with Omar than either of them probably expected. With Ander potentially gone, Season 5 may be all about Omar and Patrick.

4. Sam will date Ari.

Similarly, with Guzmán gone, Sam and Ari can date freely without worrying about his feelings. The two were flirty all season, but Ari kept her fling with Sam hidden so she could date Guzmán. In the end, though, Guzmán realized Sam and Ari belonged together, which was one of the motivating factors behind his trip with Ander.

5. Phillipe will be canceled.

Cayetana’s romance with Phillipe felt like a real-life Cinderella story at first, but the magic quickly wore off when she learned the prince had been accused of sexual abuse, and then had to experience it firsthand in his limo. In an effort to stop hiding, Phillipe called his ex and admitted to the abuse in a voicemail, telling her she could do what she wanted with the confession. It seems like Phillipe’s story next season will revolve around his abuse charges becoming public knowledge.


6. Mencía will be kicked out of her home.

Poor Mencía can’t seem to catch a break. She spent all of Season 4 at odds with her father, Benjamín, and hiding the fact that she was getting paid to sleep with Armando. After Ari’s near-death experience brought everything to light, Mencía filled her dad in on the truth, and he... did not react well. It looks like Mencía will be out of her home for good next season, but at least she’s on relatively good terms with her girlfriend, Rebe, and even started bonding with her sister, Ari.

After that wild Season 4 finale, expect even more delicious drama when Elite returns for its fifth season.