'Dark Desire' on Netflix

Twitter Can't Stop Comparing Netflix's ‘Dark Desire’ To '365 Days' & 'You'


First came You, then came 365 Dni, and now comes Oscuro Deseo (Dark Desire) to fill your carnal need for watching attractive-yet-troubled people go at it on-screen. The series was released on July 15, and it has gotten social media very hot and bothered. If you're looking for something dark and sexy, these tweets about Dark Desire on Netflix prove it's about to become your go-to for all of your steamy, late-night viewing pleasures.

Warning: Spoilers for Dark DesireSeason 1 follow. The romantic thriller is as erotic as it is complicated, which makes the 18-episode first season intriguing to fans of sexy plots. Like You and 365 Dni, the story is all about twisted love triangles, crime, and yup — lots and lots of sex. To give you an idea, a prestigious professor has an affair with a younger guy while on vacation to get back at her husband. Naturally, things get complicated when her secret lover makes his way back to her hometown post-trip.

The Spanish-language Netflix original is unique in a lot of ways, and if you're looking for a show to heat up your queue, Dark Desire is a must-watch. Don't take my word for it, though. Twitter has made it clear fans are here for the steamy hookups, adulterous actions, and murderous plot points:

While some viewers were hooked on the story, others were there for more salacious reasons.

One of the biggest comparisons seen so far is the similarity to other sexually-explicit works found on Netflix, like You and 365 Dni.

While being compared to You is one thing, finding similarities to 365 Dni is a whole other. The Netflix film garnered lots of attention for being "problematic," which doesn't seem to be the way fans are viewing the new series.

Whether or not the series is reminiscent of past steamy erotic Netflix originals, one things fans of the new show can agree on is that it needs to be renewed for a second season ASAP.

While there's no news regarding a second season as of July 21, Netflix execs usually take a month or so to crunch the numbers before deciding whether to renew a series. Fingers crossed fans get to see more twisted tales and steamy sex soon.

Watch Dark Desire Season 1 on Netflix now.