'Bridgerton' Sex Scenes On Netflix

Here Are 8 Of The Hottest Sex Scenes In 'Bridgerton' Season 1 — You're Welcome


When Bridgerton dropped on Netflix on Dec. 25, fans had a feeling they were in for a treat. The series, which hails from Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes, follows the Bridgertons, a wealthy family navigating their way through high society in 1813. With lavish parties, scandalous love connections, and a Gossip Girl-style publication that spreads secrets and rumors, it's decadently dirty. While there's a lot to love about the show, one of the more — ahem — exciting components of it are all the hook-ups. To put it bluntly, the sex scenes in Netflix's Bridgerton show off the steamy side of Regency romance.

Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 1 follow. Based on a set of nine books by author Julia Quinn, Netflix's Bridgerton series takes place about 200 years ago, when views on sex and marriage were somewhat old-fashioned, to say the least. For women, having ~relations~ outside of wedlock was grounds for ostracism, especially if you were from a noble household.

The main character of the show, Daphne, who hails from the renowned Bridgerton family, knows virtually nothing about the birds and the bees when the series begins. This is probably why she's so flustered upon connecting with the Duke of Hastings, the sexy Simon Basset. The pair quickly develops a mutual flirtation under the veil of friendship, which then turns into a full-blown sex-fest that's a feast for thirsty eyes.

However, while the series graces fans with a plethora of steamy scenes, not all of them are universally loved. Case in point: the non-consensual sex between Daphne and Simon in Episode 6. This is when Daphne — who really doesn't know much about baby-making — realizes Simon has been deceiving her. Up until this episode, Daphne thought Simon physically could not have children, but in reality, it was that he did not want to have them, so he'd been pulling out prior to ejaculating in an effort to avoid getting her pregnant. The next time they have sex after she learns the truth, she purposely doesn't let him get up or pull out, resulting in him ejaculating inside of her. The scene was instantly controversial, with some viewers calling it triggering while others chalked it up to Daphne being a flawed character who wasn't properly educations about sex and consent. Regardless of individuals' feelings, the scene leaves a lot of room for important conversations about consent and communication. But because of all the murkiness surrounding it, it's certainly not going to be considered as one of the hottest scenes from the show.

Luckily, there are plenty of other scenes throughout the series that are both sexy and consensual. So, let's celebrate them:

Siena & Anthony Against A Tree — Episode 1

Less than five minutes into the series, fans are graced with the first of many sex scenes, setting the stage for what's the come. Before you know the details of their relationship, viewers see Daphne's eldest brother, Anthony Bridgerton, and his secret girlfriend Siena going at it against a tree while a guard stands watch. While it's an obvious quickie (he keeps checking his watch and the thrusts are hard and fast), it's definitely one of the hottest ways to start a show.

Simon & Daphne In The Garden — Episode 4

This isn't technically a sex scene, but it is the first time Daphne and Simon hook up, which is pretty major considering how much tension had been flying between the two. After Prince Friedrich tries to propose to Daphne on the dance floor, she races to the garden, overwhelmed. Naturally, she runs into Simon and despite the two of them no longer being on good terms, they kiss. Like, kiss kiss.

It's the first time they give into their urges and it's lowkey carnal. While this sets off a brutal chain reaction that results in them eventually getting not-so-happily married, it's totally worth it in the end.

Simon & Daphne's First Night Together — Episode 5

After getting married, Simon and Daphne finally realize they both "burn for" each other (as opposed to just getting married out of obligation) and spend their first night together. While a lot of the scenes in the show are intense and scandalous, their first sex scene is soft, sultry, and romantic. Daphne tells Simon she doesn't want him to stop while they're kissing, and Simon says he'd like to show her more. He slowly undresses her and eventually, they fall on the bed together and make passionate love for the first — but definitely not the last — time.

Simon & Daphne's Sex Montage — Episode 6

It's hard to beat a full-on sex montage, and when Daphne and Simon are on their honeymoon, that's exactly what viewers get. After flirting over dinner, the two leave the table and run outside, where it's raining (naturally). They start making out and it quickly leads to a few different clips of them going at it.

First, it's in the rain. Then slowly and passionately in bed. Then while picnicking by a lake. And then on a ladder in what appears to be a library. The best part? It's all set to a violin cover of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams," which officially needs to be added to your sex playlist.

Simon & Daphne On Simon's Desk — Episode 6

For most, hooking up on a desk is one of those must-try places, so it checks out that the couple would get down while Simon's working. After being consumed with obligations and losing track of time, Simon is startled when Daphne comes into his office. The pair starts making out before he rips off his pants, pulls up her dress, and they start having sex right there on top of his books.

While it's one of the hottest trysts in the season, it's also when Daphne realizes he's pulling out during sex. Even though she's not sure what this means, she grows suspicious and later questions her maid regarding how, exactly, someone gets pregnant.

Simon & Daphne On The Stairs — Episode 7

When Simon stays out late post-fight, Daphne questions their marriage. This comes after the non- consensual scene in the pervious episode, and tensions are extremely high between the couple. Despite their anger, they start making out and collapse on the stairs. This is one of those "we're so mad at each other but so turned on" kind of situations. In the heat of the moment, Simon goes down on Daphne right there on the staircase. But it ends on a bit of a downer: Even though Daphne asks to move things to the bedroom, Simon says he won't have sex with her again.

Siena & Anthony Under The Stage — Episode 8

Just when it looks like Siena and Anthony were over, the on-again off-again couple locks eyes at a boxing match and their passion overtakes them. While every scene with these two is hot, what makes this one so special, IMO, is how dominant Siena is.

The singer isn't afraid to take charge, and under the bleachers she pins Anthony's hands above his head before ripping off his clothes and climbing up his torso.

Simon & Daphne's ~Love Making~ — Episode 8

It was a long road for Daphne and Simon. After learning why he didn't want children, Daphne told Simon he deserved love and it was up to him whether he would open himself up to her. He thinks about it, and after their ball, he comes into her room and softly carries her to the bed. While it was less animalistic than other scenes, it was the romance and trust that made it beautiful. For the first time, he decides not to withdraw during sex, a declaration that he not only wants to stay with Daphne, but he wants to make a family with her as well.

Fingers crossed Netflix orders a Season 2 so fans' screens can be graced with even more steamy Bridgerton sex scenes.