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Here's Exactly Where To Find Bridgerton Season 2's Sexiest Scenes

Can we skip to the good part?

by Ani Bundel
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When Bridgerton Season 1 debuted, it was the most transgressive Regency-set romance ever committed to screen.nIt’s one thing for bodice-rippers to have sex scenes on the page. But no adaptation of these sorts of romances had ever put those scenes on screen, front and center, daring the audience to watch and challenging them not to look away. And while Bridgerton Season 2’s sexiest scenes are a massive shift — from down and dirty to more subtle, repressed longing — they’re still so hot, viewers are ~burning~ to go back to the exact moments they happen during the season to rewatch... and rewatch... and rewatch.

Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 2 follow. Bridgerton Season 1 was radical in putting all the sex on screen without apology — there were eight steamy sex scenes all told. Season 2 stayed unexpected... by going largely in the other direction: There’s only full-on sex scene, or one and a half if you include the naked, post-sex moment in the finale. But that doesn’t mean Bridgerton Season 2 isn’t hot AF. The repressed passion and slow burn are so intense, it’s like the show emotionally edges its audience for almost the whole season. So, here are all the best moments where the show gets hottest, and where, exactly, to find them throughout the season.

Anthony’s Parade Of Paramours (Episode 1)

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In the first episode of the season, there’s a montage of Anthony starting around the 11:45 mark in which he’s interviewing potential wives, interspersed with clips of him leaving the beds of various actresses and opera singers as he’s in various stages of undress.

The Bee Sting (Episode 3)

Fans of the Bridgerton novels waited with bated breath for the iconic bee sting scene between Anthony and Kate. It finally happens at the one-hour mark in Episode 3, and although there’s no mouth-to-breast contact, and no one walks up and catches them, it’s still a moment of epic sexual tension.

Fox Hunting (Episode 4)

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Around the 16 minute mark in Episode 4, the fox hunting scene is full of sexual tension. Anthony cannot take his eyes off of Kate as she walks in the woods, and it mounts even higher during their shooting lesson.

The Library At Night (Episode 4)

Around the 26-minutes mark of Episode 4, Kate gets out of bed to find herself a book and runs into Anthony in the library. She’s wearing nothing but her nightgown, he’s in his shirtsleeves, and they both look super hot for each other.

“Dancing On My Own” (Episode 4)

At the 37-minute mark, not only does this feature a fantastic cover of Robyn’s iconic song, but Kate and Anthony’s dance also solidifies that they are a couple with chemistry. It then rolls into the first moment when they almost kiss in the study.

*That* Wet Shirt Scene (Episode 5)

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Bridgerton goes full Jane Austen sexy with the boating sequence at the 20-minute mark in Episode 5.

Benedict’s Poses (Episode 5)

There aren’t a lot of sexy scenes in Season 2 that aren’t Anthony-focused, but Episode 5 has one of the few. At the 27-minute mark, Benedict gets intimate with one of the art models at his academy by posing for her in slowly progressing states of undress.

Anthony’s Confession (Episode 5)

The second non-kiss scene between Kate and Anthony comes after dinner at the 42-minute mark in Episode 5, when Anthony confesses to Kate how much he desperately wants her, and she admits the same to him.

Anthony & Kate Do Their Duty (Episode 5)

The 51-minute mark in the episode brings the last of the slow burn scenes between Kate and Anthony, starting again with Anthony naked with a paramour. The sequence has one of the show’s great covers, Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” and is the most emotionally sexy scene of the season.

The Post-Wedding Kiss (Episode 6)

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It takes almost the whole episode before Kate and Anthony finally succumb to each other after Edwina calls off the wedding. However, at one hour and three minutes, the couple finally comes together in time for Edwina to call them out, and then leave them to kiss goodbye.

The Only Full-On Sex Scene In Season 2 (Episode 7)

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The 46-minute mark in the penultimate episode kicks off the only legit sex scene of the season — but wow, it is worth the wait.

Anthony & Kate’s Dance/Proposal (Episode 8)

The dance starts just after the 47-minute mark and stops at the 52-minute mark. It continues in the garden at the one-hour mark, as Kate and Anthony finally go public with their passion. The scene sports another great cover as a bonus, Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

The Morning After (Episode 8)

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At the one-hour, five-minute mark, fans get the only post-coital scene between Kate and Anthony after their (offstage) wedding. And it’s all sealed with a kiss at the Bridgerton family Pall Mall game!

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