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House Of The Dragon's Season 1 Sex Scenes, Ranked

Only one can be crowned the steamiest.

by Ani Bundel
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Game of Thrones was known for its sex, violence, and violent sex over the decade it was on the air. House of the Dragon’s showrunners knew the new show would have a lot to live up to, even as they tried to minimize some of the less palatable aspects of their predecessor. The show does have plenty of bloodshed and gore, but so far, those have been kept chiefly separate from House of the Dragon’s Season 1 sex scenes — thank goodness.

Warning: Spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1 follow. House of the Dragon’s first season takes place over 30 years, moving from the beginning of 2nd century AC to the year 129. Over that era, Viserys was named heir to the king, and he and his wife, Aemma, had a daughter, Rhaenyra, whom he named his heir. He then had four more kids with his second wife, Rhaenyra’s childhood bestie, Alicent, while Rhaenyra married and had three of her own by two different husbands. Her second husband, Daemon, married three times and had two kids. By the time the series stopped moving forward rapidly, Alicent and Viserys’ oldest two were also married (to each other).

In short, there was a lot of procreation. Love affairs started and ended; mistresses and consorts were kept and rejected. That’s a lot of sex for the show to put on screen, and while not all of it made the cut, some of the stuff that does is pretty damn hot. Meanwhile, other scenes were definitely not. Let’s run down all the major sexual encounters in the show, ranking them by how much fire they contained.


Aegon Masturbating Out The Window

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The least hot of all the sex scenes is the one involving Alicent’s oldest son, Aegon. Like any typical teen, he was caught masturbating by his mother. But it’s not under the covers or in the bathroom, but boldly out the window. It’s a deliberate choice by the show to make it embarrassing and disturbing. It foreshadows Aegon’s later (blessedly off-camera) behavior, when he sexually abused a girl working in the castle.


Viserys & Alicent’s Marital Duty


Alicent doing her “wifely duty” with Viserys (juxtaposed against Rhaenyra having a fantastic first time in bed — more on that later) was a complicated watch for some viewers. It’s not violent or anything; it’s just that Alicent wishes it would be over already, made clear by her staring at the ceiling, bored, while she and Viserys work to conceive yet another child.


Daemon & Mysaria’s Affair

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Moving into the hotter sequences, the one between Daemon and his mistress, Mysaria, is hot, but odd. The only sex scene in the series premiere is loud, with Mysaria yelling out and Daemon thrusting gratuitously as if to make sure those in the cheap seats can see it. It’s hot, but it also comes off as a box-checking exercise: “Here is the classic GOT sex scene you expected. Have we met expectations? Good, OK. We’re done here. We now return you to HOTD, already in progress.”


Daemon & Rhaenyra In The Brothel


Incest and age aside, this is a pretty intriguing scene. Daemon is determined to show Rhaenyra that marriage has, ahem, benefits, and he does so by taking her to a brothel. They don’t have sex, per se, but they almost do — he can’t keep his hands off her and has to rip himself away. He goes off and gets drunk while she goes back to her room, frustrated.


Rhaenyra & Ser Criston’s First Time


In place of her uncle, Rhaenyra finds satisfaction waiting outside her bedroom in Ser Criston Cole, who looks like he cannot believe a fairy tale is happening to him. Their sex scene is the polar opposite of the down-and-dirty at the brothel just before. It’s got pillows and sheets flying; there are giggles and sweet whispers. It’s almost too precious to be hot, the kind of romance novel sex where everyone will live happily ever after as soon as it’s over. And it’s all juxtaposed against Alicent silently doing her duty with Viserys, having been denied that happiness.


Daemon & Rhaenyra In The Tent

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The hottest scene by far is also the darkest (literally). Rhaenyra never wanted to marry her first husband; she had no choice. Given her druthers, she would have had Daemon kidnap her away before she wed Laenor.

But perhaps the wait was the better choice. By the time they could finally be together, Rhaenyra had grown up; she’s had a husband in her bed and children by another man. She knows who she is, what she wants, and what satisfies her and what doesn’t. Daemon is the only man for her, and their scene in the tent where they finally consummate what started a decade ago in the brothel was worth the wait (and maybe also worth brightening your screen a few notches to actually see it).

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