Joe Alwyn and Alice Oliver in Hulu's adaptation of Sally Rooney's 'Conversations With Friends'
Here Are The 9 Conversations With Friends Sex Scenes, Ranked By Hotness

And exactly where to find them.


When Hulu’s Normal People came to small screens in late April 2020, basically everyone took a break from Tiger King and pivoted to the sexy Irish romance. Normal People was author Sally Rooney’s first book-to-screen adaptation that launched her into fame, but it wasn’t her first novel — that was Conversations With Friends, a tale about four unlikely friends and their messy relationships. Now, Conversations has its own adaptation as a Hulu series. But is it as sexy as its predecessor? Here are all of the Conversations With Friends sex scenes — ranked by how often you’ll want to replay them — so you can decide for yourself.

Warning: Spoilers for Conversations With Friends follow. Rooney’s writing is known for focusing on female pleasure and describing real sex, from the awkward to the euphoric. Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar Jones first portrayed this as Connell and Marianne in Normal People. In Conversations, Rooney’s lush sex scenes come to life mainly with Joe Alwyn, (yes, of Taylor Swift fame) as Nick, and newcomer Alison Oliver as Frances.

Nick is married to Melissa (Jemima Kirke), who meets Frances and her friend and ex, Bobbi (Sasha Lane), and insists on building a four-way friendship complete with frequent double dates, even though Frances and Bobbi broke up a while ago. If that doesn’t sound complex enough, Bobbi develops a crush on (and kisses) Melissa, and Nick and Frances’ affair gets quite serious. In the midst of all this drama are slow, choreographed sex scenes planned by the show’s intimacy coordinator, Ita O’Brien.

When it’s time to turn off your brain and rewatch these steamy moments, turn to this ranked list to find the exact one you’re looking for.


The Sneaky Vacation Hookup (Episode 5)


At minute mark 23:50 in Episode 5, Nick sneaks into Frances’ room in Croatia and they have a steamy session in the middle of the night. It’s hot... right up until Bobbi finds them entangled a couple of hours later. The scene is great, but Bobbi’s interruption cuts the mood and reminds the audience that Nick and Frances’ affair, no matter how sexy, is also causing a lot of pain — not exactly a turn-on.


Another (Better) Sneaky Vacay Hookup (Episode 4)


After a little cheeky sext, Frances and Nick meet up in her room at minute mark 26:30. The scene is far too brief, landing it lower on the ranking, but the chill, tanned vacation vibes do add a layer of sexy. Nick even says, “I want you so much” while playing with Frances’ hair.


A Long-Awaited Kiss (Episode 10)

Frances and Nick may have the most onscreen sexy scenes, but the fleeting moments of pleasure viewers see between Frances and Bobbi deserves a mention too. Twenty-six minutes into Episode 10, Bobbi and Frances kiss while holding hands. It’s ranked a little low on this list because it’s more cute than sexy, and because Bobbi is crying when it happens, but the two clearly love each other and desire each other so much that it deserves a spot.


The Honeymoon Phase (Episode 3)

In this very brief scene at minute mark 11:50, Nick and Frances have sex for one of the first times. Although the moment is short, Nick is very vocal and Frances looks super happy.


Nick & Frances’ First Time (Episode 3)

This scene shows Nick and Frances acting on their desires for the first time. It's like abstract art at times — you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking at, but the heavy breathing helps bring you back to the moment. If you’re here for the slow burn of it all, you can watch the episode from the beginning, but if you’re ready to get down to the action, skip to 2:30. This scene also features female-centric pleasure, which can be hard to find and instantly makes any scene sexier. This moment would rank higher, but it begins with Frances saying, “I don’t want to be a homewrecker” which is an instant mood killer.


Nick Gets Bold (Episode 7)


At minute mark 10:30, Nick goes to Frances’ apartment and apparently feels very at home. In one of his only bold moments, he sits himself down on her bed and says, “come here.” It’s unexpected and clearly appreciated by Frances. What follows is a very steamy scene of shared thirst for one another and the cutest little cuddle sesh, which earns this scene extra points.


The First “I Love You” (Episode 10)


In this montage-esque sex scene, Nick and Frances finally admit they love each other. For this romantic, heated moment, head to minute mark 14:50.


Nick & Frances’ First Kiss (Episode 2)


Sure, this is not technically a sex scene, but if Bridgerton Season 2 proved anything, it’s that the buildup can be even hotter than the actual hookup. Four minutes into this episode, Frances saunters into the room Nick is hiding in at Melissa’s birthday party and they share their first kiss. It starts with longing gazes and Nick noticing Frances’ flushed cheeks, which she embarrassedly chalks up to the heat. Nick senses the vibe and puts his cold beer bottle on her cheek. Who knew beer could be so hot? This scene is all hushed words, bated breath, closeups, and hair grabbing, making it one of the sexiest scenes in the show.


Frances & Bobbi Together Again (Episode 12)


Halfway through the final episode, at minute mark 14:30, Frances and Bobbi have the most gentle, loving sex of the whole season. The show may ostensibly be about Nick and Frances, but if this episode is saying anything, it’s that Bobbi and Frances are happiest together. This scene epitomizes what has become popularly called “the female gaze” — for the first time in the show, there is laughter during sex, both Frances and Bobbi are disheveled, and they don't perform for each other. What’s sexier than that?