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A sweet couple goes on a date planned around their rising signs.

Plan A Date Around Your Rising Sign To Refresh Your Routine

Your rising sign says *everything* about your personality.

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Tired of grabbing a drink or coffee on a date? Are you totally over dinner and a movie? Sounds like you need some new date ideas to spice things up. One way to add some variety to your dates is to plan one around your zodiac sign. And if your sign never quite resonated with you, remember: Your sun sign is just one part of your overall astrological makeup. You might want to try focusing on date ideas for your rising sign instead.

If you aren't familiar with your rising sign (or, as it's sometimes referred to, your ascendant sign), it's based on where the sun and moon were in the sky at the time of your birth. You can easily calculate it online at Astrosofa or using an app like Co-Star. While your sun sign speaks to the core of who you are, your rising sign dictates both your outlook on the world and what kind of first impression you make on others. As you can imagine, this can also apply to your dating life, especially on first dates. Picking an activity that speaks to your rising sign will not only be fun for you, but can also set you up to be your best self and convey your ideal first impression on a date.

With that in mind, here's the date idea to consider based on your rising sign.



If your rising sign is Aries, you give off a strong, bold vibe. You have a strong presence that's both confident and maybe even a little intimidating. You’re competitive, and winning is a huge turn-on for you, so something active or a casual competition is a fun way to spice up the first date.

  • Try axe-throwing
  • Play mini golf
  • Go bowling
  • Have a boardgame night
  • Visit an escape room


When people first meet you, they instantly pick up on how down-to-earth you are. Your partners feel safe around you because you’re so reliable. Your sensuality also does not go unnoticed. On a date, lean into your connection with your senses and your appreciation for the finer things.

  • Attend a food festival
  • Try a chef-tasting menu at your favorite restaurant
  • Take a mixology class
  • Go on a mezcal-tasting tour
  • Take a virtual cooking class


If your rising sign is Gemini, you make a clever, talkative, and curious first impression. You’re also up for just about anything on a date night (especially if it's a little unexpected) so long as you don't have to stay silent. As a Gemini, you love to talk and to feel like your dates are really paying attention to you.

  • Find your nearest drive-in movie theater and make it a double-feature
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Visit the nearest zoo
  • Throw a house party
  • Grab lunch at an intimate cafe


As a Cancer rising, you give off a warm and nurturing vibe that makes others feel comfortable opening up — even if you're a bit guarded yourself. You can draw people out and get them to open up about their emotions, so a date night is about setting the mood for emotional intimacy.

  • Go record shopping
  • Plan a cute picnic in the park
  • Visit your local arcade
  • Book a museum tour
  • Plan a bonfire on the beach


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As a Leo rising, you're probably very accustomed to all eyes being on you when you enter the room. Not that you mind; you appreciate the attention. You give off an air of confidence and positive energy. You're fun, charismatic, and even a bit dramatic. To you, date night is all about having fun and making sure that you're the center of attention.

  • Book a karaoke night
  • Go dancing
  • Indulge in sweet poolside drinks
  • Go to a rooftop bar
  • Visit your nearest local carnival


With Virgo as your rising sign, you initially tend to be an observer, so you come off as a bit reserved and shy — unless the subject or date activity speaks to the things that excite you most. You likely care deeply about the earth and its inhabitants, and when a date involves exploring your empathetic side, you come out of your shell. You want to avoid big crowds on a first date because you prefer more personal, intimate moments.

  • Go hiking
  • Take a yoga class together
  • Go book store hopping and pick out books for each other
  • Visit a cute cat cafe
  • Take a pottery class


When Libra is your rising sign, people instantly notice how easy you are to be around. You have a natural charm and sweetness that's very appealing to others, and you know how to keep things light — if a little surface-level at first, because getting too deep may lead to conflict; something you seek to avoid whenever possible. Date night for you should be both fun and low-stress. And if it has a sensual vibe, that’s even better.

  • Check out some live music
  • Visit the nearest botanical garden
  • Check out a modern art museum
  • Go on a scenic road trip to a town nearby
  • Make cocktails together and enjoy them outdoors


As a Scorpio rising, you come off as mysterious. While that's likely because you tend to guard your heart, the overall impression you convey is one of quiet magnetism. You may also give off a very seductive, enigmatic vibe that draws people to you — or intimidates them a bit. Date night for Scorpio rising should be a little edgy and dangerous, just like you.

  • Attend a burlesque show
  • Book a tarot reading with a professional
  • Go to a speakeasy you’ve never tried before
  • Attend a local horror movie film festival
  • Go to a hookah bar


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If you're a Sagittarius rising, others quickly notice how fun and effervescent you are. You have a true lust for life and adventure, and it shows. There's a natural optimism and lightheartedness to you that makes you a joy to be around, although you can be blunt and honest to the point where it stings a little. But hey, it's the truth, isn't it? As for date night, pick an activity that has a sense of adventure and spontaneity.

  • Attend trivia night at your local bar
  • Go to a drag show
  • Visit an aquarium
  • Go roller skating
  • Check out a nearby planetarium


When Capricorn's your rising sign, you give off an air of calm control. You have a mature and put-together energy that's either very attractive for someone who's seeking a grounded and reliable partner, or intimidating for those who aren't accustomed to someone who's a force of will like Cap. You also have a bit more of a traditional style when it comes to dating, so the best date nights are the classics.

  • Attend a sporting event
  • Go to an escape Room
  • Take a whiskey distillery tour
  • Plan an intimate dinner for two
  • Go on a cute beach picnic during sunset


If your rising sign is Aquarius, you likely come off as a little quirky. You're a unique individual who goes their own way and does their own thing. But once someone gets you talking, they realize how intelligent you are, and your humanitarian spirit really shines. Your ideal date night is something unconventional because traditional things tend to bore you. You color outside the lines, so naturally, your idea of romance is off the beaten path, too.

  • Visit a niche museum
  • Check out a local film festival
  • Volunteer at an organization that means something to you
  • Take political action, like protesting or campaigning for a candidate you care about
  • Go on a spooky ghost tour


As a Pisces rising, you’re a bit of a dreamer. You’re compassionate, intuitive, and have a huge romantic streak. You're also highly empathetic and have trouble not picking up on all emotions around you, both good and bad. But you also have a sweetness that makes it hard not to love you practically on sight. As for date night, you appreciate an old-school kind of romance, as well as something a bit more metaphysical.

  • Enjoy cocktails at sunset
  • Put together a beach bonfire
  • Attend a couples psychic reading
  • Visit your nearest hot springs
  • Schedule a boat ride

Half the fun of dating is that it’s an opportunity for an adventure with someone new, so why not pick one that speaks to your heart and spirit with the help of your rising sign?