5 Reasons To Date A Virgo ASAP, Because They’re Really All Heart

Aquarius may be the zodiac sign that feels the most misunderstood, but it's probably actually Virgos who are the least seen for who they really are. They have a reputation for being highly critical, fussy, and for overthinking everything, and while that's not entirely untrue (OK, fine, it’s true), there is actually so much more to this sign once you delve a little deeper. There are so many reasons to date a Virgo, because (and, admittedly, I’m biased since I am one) Virgos make for fantastic partners.

Part of why Virgos are misunderstood is because they usually hide their softer side at first. Like Cancer, Virgo tends to be self-protective and opens up slowly. This can make them come off as cold, especially when paired with their critical nature, but it's actually a reflection of the tender heart they're protecting. This is also why Virgos have a reputation for being picky about their partners. They are cautious about who they share their vulnerability with, so they hold that side back until they're confident that the person they're dating is the one. Sure, that's a tough bar to get over, but once you do and you really get to know a Virgo, you realize just how worth the wait they are. Here's why you want to date a Virgo ASAP.

Virgos Create Structure And Stability In Relationships
Alexey Kuzma/Stocksy

For a grounded earth sign like Virgo, stability and structure are incredibly important. They lead an organized, goal-oriented life and like to keep things tidy — and they are more than happy to help their partner do the same. While at first that may seem frustrating, the fact is that it’s coming from a place of love, and it's an act of service they do for the people they care about. They're doing their best to help set you up for success and remove any anxiety from your life that may come from disorganization.

Virgos Live To Take Care Of The People They Love

Virgos are very observant, and when they care about someone, they turn those heightened skills on their partner in order to be aware and intuit what they might need before their partner even realizes it. That's because there is nothing Virgos love more than taking care of the people they love, whether that's through small gestures, thoughtful gifts, or just being fully present and there for their partner when they need it most. You don't have to ask a Virgo for what you need, because chances are, they are one step ahead of you having already anticipated it.

Virgos Are Excellent Communicators

Virgo’s connection to their ruling planet, Mercury, makes them excellent communicators. This is a sign that doesn't like to fight; they want to discuss, and fortunately they have the skills to actually do so. While they definitely have the ability to win all arguments through rhetorical gymnastics, their loving and empathetic heart keeps them from using their advantage (most of the time) so you can actually resolve issues. They are also good listeners who want to understand the emotion and nuance to what is behind the words, not just the words themselves, which allows them to really hear their partner in ways other signs can’t or won't.

Virgos Will Have Your Back And Are Loyal AF

If you want a loyal friend or lover, look no further than Virgo. It’s not easy getting into this sign’s inner circle, but once you've earned a place there, you can always count on them to be the first one to have your back against the outside world and to lift you up when things are hard. And when it comes to a partnership, they see the two of you as one team versus everyone else, and aren't afraid to fight for the ones the love.

Virgos Will Tell You The Truth, Even When It’s Hard

Virgos are known for being really critical. And sure, we are. But here’s the thing: This is a sign you can always count on to be totally honest and tell you the truth, even when it’s hard. Sometimes, those truths can sting, but it also means their praise is real; they don't flatter or dissemble. What Virgos say is 100% real, and having that type of candor in your life can be more valuable than you realize.

In other words, Virgos are loving, loyal, partners who always have your back and keep it real real. I guess the real question is, what reason do you have to not swipe right on this sign?