Your Rising Sign Can Reveal What Kind Of First Impression You Make

by Valerie Mesa

Whenever someone asks me to guess their sign, my first thought is, "Do you not realize how vague and ambiguous your sun sign is, compared to everything else going on in your chart?" While guessing your sign isn't exactly easy at first glance, figuring out how you make a first impression, according to your rising sign is, is much, much simpler.

According to, your ascendant sign (which can be used interchangeably with the term rising sign) "can affect your appearance, your attitude, and the way you come across to others." It is the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon the very same moment you were born, which in turn, rules your first house of self, personal identity, and of course, first impressions. The way I see it is, this is the front door to your chart, but it's also an energetic description of your first breath of existence.

Before I give you a glimpse at your first impression and the way you're typically perceived by others upon meeting them, take a moment to look at your birth chart and find your rising sign. Because the rising sign changes every two hours, it's important to know exactly when you were born.

Find your sign (and corresponding celebrity!) below to see what your rising sign reveals about how you make a first impression.

Aries Rising: Dynamic

If you were born with an ascendant in warrior-like Aries, you are bold, assertive, and courageous with your exchanges. People perceive you as totally confident, and let's just say, they know better than to mess with you.

Taurus Rising: Gorgeous

If you were born with an ascendant in slow-moving Taurus, you were blessed with natural beauty, given Taurus' Venusian influence. People perceive you as the whole package, given your practical approach and nonchalant personality.

Gemini Rising: Mischievous

If you were born with a curious Gemini rising, you have a natural twinkle in your eye and an innate desire to communicate. People perceive you as a brilliant intellectual, but there's something about your poker face they just can't seem to put their finger on.

Cancer Rising: Considerate

If you were born with a sweet Cancer ascendant, you are emotionally hypersensitive and naturally empathic to your surroundings. You come across as sweet and caring, but just like the moon, there's something mysterious about you.

Leo Rising: Charismatic

If you were born with a majestic Leo ascendant, you are warm, friendly, and totally radiant. Just like the sun, the world gravitates towards you, and you are more than often center of attention. People perceive you as popular and entertaining.

Virgo Rising: Poised

If you were born with an analytical Virgo rising, you are incredibly resourceful and naturally in tune with your physicality. Some might perceive you as overly critical or too serious, but you can't turn off your mercurial antenna; hence, you prefer to stay busy.

Libra Rising: Charming

If you were born with an eloquent Libra ascendant, you're a diplomat at heart, which is why you prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. You're a natural-born charmer and more than often recognized for your innate powers of persuasion.

Scorpio Rising: Sexy

If you were born with a powerful Scorpio rising, you are extremely private and naturally in tune with your surroundings. People's perception of you can be a bit polarizing, but you typically come across as powerful with a dash of smoldering sex appeal.

Sagittarius Rising: Outgoing

If you were born with an adventurous Sagittarius ascendant, you're totally independent and driven by knowledge. People more than often perceive you as wild and free-spirited, but you're just a big kid at heart.

Capricorn Rising: Determined

If you were born with a traditional Capricorn rising, you are naturally incredibly ambitious. People often perceive you as someone who's old-fashioned, and full of wisdom... and this couldn't be more true.

Aquarius Rising: Eclectic

If you were born with a freedom-loving Aquarius ascendant, you are a social chameleon and a rebel at heart. You walk to the beat of your own drum, but people instantly recognize your rebellious nature and humanitarian spirit.

Pisces Rising: Enigmatic

If you were born with a dreamy Pisces rising, you're easily swayed by fantasy, romance, and all things mystical. You're incredibly selfless and compassionate, but your Neptunian influence makes you come across as enigmatic and hard to read.