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6 Zodiac Sign Pairings Best Suited For Relationships

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All relationships require some degree of work, but the amount can vary a lot based on how well you naturally click with someone. In other words, it depends on how compatible you are. If your past relationships have felt like endless struggles and you want to meet someone you actually align with, the best matchmaker out there may be, well, up there. That’s right: I’m talking about the stars. Astrology might be able to offer some helpful guidance for who you'll click with best over the long-term by considering the zodiac pairings best for relationships.

While any pairing of zodiac signs can certainly make a healthy and happy relationship work, compatible signs just get a bit of an edge because they're on the same page in so many important ways. They have an innate understanding of one another, and their values and desires in a partner align. As a result, some of the big adjustments and compromises aren't necessary since you're already both on the same page. This doesn't mean you won't have your points of friction in the relationship, just that you might be able to understand one another better as you navigate through relationship issues. If that sounds like the kind of relationship you're looking for, here's the sign to swipe right on.

Aries & Aquarius

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Aries and Aquarius are that perfect balance of friends and lovers. Both signs have boundless energy and curiosity, and are excited to have a partner who can keep up for the ride of life. That being said, they both also understand the other's need for personal space, so they won't crowd each other or be clingy. Aquarius is ruled by their head and Aries by their gut, so neither's especially romantic in the traditional sense. Instead, they create the kind of romance and intimacy that works best just for them. The only issue that these two may struggle with is that they can both be a bit hot-headed, so learning to take a beat and be thoughtful in their communication will be key. Otherwise, they have great relationship potential.

Taurus & Scorpio

Grounded Taurus and passionate Scorpio may not seem to be an ideal match at first, but they're excellently suited for one another. Taurus is reliable, warm, loyal, and sensual, which is everything that Scorpio is craving deep down. Scorpio may come off as mysterious and maybe even a little dangerous, but this water sign is all heart. They're guarded because they're trying to protect their vulnerability, but with Taurus, they can feel safe opening up. Both signs value their relationships highly and take them very seriously, and Taurus’s sensual side is a perfect match for the amorous Scorpio. The only real issue these two need to be concerned about is learning to fight fairly. Taurus is very stubborn and when they put their foot down there's no moving them, and Scorpio's equally accustomed to getting their way, so these fights have the potential to be explosive if cooler heads don't prevail. It's all about communication for these two and knowing when to take a moment to cool down.

Gemini & Libra

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Gemini and Libra instantly connect and have lasting power because the two of them just have so much fun together. Both of these air signs thrive in social situations. There's never a dull moment as one or both of them always has some exciting event on their social calendar. Best of all, even on those rare nights where it is just the two of them, they both have the wit and quick minds to keep each other intellectually stimulated and engaged. The only place where these two struggle is that they may be a bit too alike. Both are indecisive and prefer to go with the flow rather than take decisive action. While this may be an easy-breezy way to go through life, it can also lead them to become adrift and directionless. These two will have to find some way to ground themselves a bit to be able to move forward together over the long haul.

Cancer & Pisces

When Cancer and Pisces fall for one another, it can truly feel like they're coming home. That's because both of these water signs understand and appreciate the need for a deep emotional connection. Pisces has a strong sense of empathy that allows for cautious Cancer to open up. And Cancer's dedication to their partner and doing whatever they can to make them feel loved is the fantasy romance that Pisces has been dreaming of. This is a relationship built on true emotional intimacy that creates a bond that can easily last a lifetime. They just need to be careful not to get too lost in their happy fantasy world and forget about life's realities.

Leo & Sagittarius

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A Leo and Sagittarius love affair is all about passion and having an absolute blast. These two fiery partners bring the heat into the bedroom. They're uninhibited, curious, and love to experiment. Outside the bedroom is just as exciting, as they both believe in living life to the fullest and always have full social calendars. Sagittarius has more need for personal time, but that is less of an issue so long as they're being mentally stimulated and having fun, and Leo is both a charming and spontaneous partner. These signs also share an optimistic attitude and a zeal for life. The only place that they need to be cautious is that Sagittarius isn't afraid to speak their mind, and their bluntness can sometimes wound Leo's fragile ego. So long as these two are gentle with their words, then they have a solid start to a long and happy love story.

Virgo & Capricorn

There's a true sweetness to a Virgo-Capricorn romance because it's just so old-school. Both of these grounded earth signs do want to put down roots with someone and build a life together. They also take their relationships very seriously and approach them in a logical, goal-oriented manner. Both also likely have some kind of life plan mapped out and are excited to find someone who gets why that's so important to them. They're highly ambitious and provide a great support system for one another, which encourages them both to reach for their dreams and take great pride in seeing each other achieve. This is power couple stuff. The one place they need to be cautious is in letting the early passion die out. It's easy for these two to get caught up in other aspects of their lives and forget that passion needs tending to as well.

While all these pairings make falling in love for the long haul seem easy, don't panic if you and your partner aren't on this list. Every combination of signs brings its own unique dynamic that becomes a forever kind of love. It might take a little more work, but, hey, when you're with the right person it's totally worth it.