How You Show Your Vulnerable Side, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There's nothing easy about being vulnerable. It requires a lowering of your guard, a willingness to expose yourself to judgment, and an overall acceptance of who you are. Being vulnerable is to reveal the truth about yourself rather than put up a front. It's to take a risk with your feelings, one of the hardest things you'll ever learn how to do in this life. And it's almost always worth it. We each express ourselves in our own unique way, and how you show vulnerability, according to your zodiac sign, will explain exactly why you're so beautiful.

Without vulnerability, no one would ever get to know the real you. How lonely would that be? By having the courage to bear your soul to someone, you have the power to forge a connection that lasts a lifetime. In the words of writer Brené Brown, "If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path."

Sure, it seems easier to keep your heart locked firmly behind a closed door. In the shadows, no one can make you feel ashamed of who you are. But avoiding judgment comes at the cost of hiding everything about you that makes you irreplaceable. You are doing the world a favor by sharing the gems that lie within.

Aries: Refusing To Hide Your True Feelings

You're not known for taking time to process and compartmentalize your emotions. You bear the truth of your feelings right on the surface. What they see is what they get. If anyone is wondering whether you're angry, depressed, ecstatic, or in love, all they have to do is look into your eyes to find out. By refusing to filter your feelings, your vulnerability takes the form of transparency.

Taurus: Allowing Yourself To Care Deeply

You don't commit often, but when you do, your loyalty is fierce and uncompromising. You care so much that your dedication can be intimidating. It's not always easy for everyone to reciprocate your level of loyalty, but your devotion is unconditional. Some may even think you care too much, and perhaps they're right. It's not easy for a heart to bear so much, but that's what your vulnerability is.

Gemini: Exposing Your Overwhelming Enthusiasm

Your barometer for passion and enthusiasm is endless. You allow yourself to become so excited about something that it almost makes you look childish in the eyes of some. While others settle for a level of comfortable apathy, you take every opportunity to get your hopes up, even if it means taking the risk that you'll be disappointment. By revealing just how zealous you can be, you define vulnerability.

Cancer: Remaining Open To Empathy And Emotion

When faced with a touching moment, many look away. The thought of getting emotional and tearing up involves an intense level of vulnerability that many aren't ready for. You, on the other hand, don't know how to look away. Your heart is so open that it's impossible to shut it down. You allow yourself to feel the depths of emotion because you can't always help it. When the tears come, your vulnerability is undeniable.

Leo: Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

You're the first one to get on stage and expose yourself to an audience. You're the first one to swallow your shyness and reveal who you are, warts and all, to everyone in the room. Whether you're performing, creating art, or giving a speech, you're famous for being the living embodiment of vulnerability. While others let the fear of what others may think prevent them from standing out, you conquer it every day.

Virgo: Asking Questions No One Else Is Willing To Ask

There is so much in life that doesn't make sense. Too often, we are given rules, directions, and concepts that the majority of us accept without question, afraid of rocking the boat. You, however, are willing the be the only person in the room to ask Why? Even if heads turn in disapproval, your desire to understand the truth trumps your desire to fit in. Thus, your vulnerability takes the form of going against the grain.

Libra: Revealing Your Inner Romantic

For as logical and diplomatic are you are, there's a deep well of romance sitting just beneath the surface that you're always willing to tap into. You see the world through a rose-colored lens and you're not foolish for it. There's romance, poetry, and beauty just waiting to be found in dark every corner. Sure, some may find you saccharine or naive at times, but your vulnerability makes the world a better place.

Scorpio: Falling Hopelessly And Passionately In Love

While the pain from past wounds prevent so many from opening their hearts ever again, you're incapable of giving up on love. When passion and affection begin luring you in, you can't help but embrace the wildness of falling for someone. You know all the risks involved. You remember what happened last time. However, the vulnerability is worth it if it means forging a deep and irrevocable connection with someone.

Sagittarius: Being Honest, No Matter Who It Offends

So many keep their thoughts to themselves for the sake of politeness, for the sake of peace. However, when the truth needs to be heard, you're the first one to take a bullet for righteousness. You make yourself vulnerable to awkwardness, judgement, and criticism with your honesty, but in a world without lies, authenticity thrives. You tell people exactly what you're thinking and you expect the same in return. That's the definition of vulnerability.

Capricorn: Talking About Your Hopes And Dreams

Ever since you were a child, you've been cultivating dreams that many would consider impossible. While so many are fearful of taking risks with their future, settling on realistic endeavors, you have always shot for the moon. Even though many might think you're foolish for dreaming so big, you remain vulnerable in spite of the judgment. You're the first person to share your hopes, desires, and work with the world.

Aquarius: Embracing Your Raw Individuality

All our lives, we're told to dress a certain way, think a certain way, and feel a certain way. Following these ways is the easiest way to fit in, to avoid negative attention. You, however, are brave enough to be yourself. This leaves you vulnerable to criticism, bullying, or worse, but you know that the beauty of embracing your individuality makes it all worth it. By accepting yourself for who you are, you radiate vulnerability.

Pisces: Sharing Your Most Intimate Secrets

You have an ocean of memories lingering in your imagination. However, you're not afraid of sharing them. You're the first one to open up about an embarrassing moment, a strange thought, or a difficult period in your life. You love and nurture your inner-world. If someone doesn't understand your truth, you don't take it personally, nor to you admire yourself any less. But by being vulnerable enough to open up, you make everyone else feel safe.