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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Always Have Your Back As Your Partner


When it comes to locking down a ride-or-die partner, the zodiac signs who will always have your back understand what it means to be truly loyal. Although that's not to say that other signs are incapable of being amazing partners, there are certain signs that naturally excel at being supportive, protective, trustworthy, and uncompromisingly loyal — all traits that play a role in having someone's back. According to astrologer Valerie Mesa, it's always important to remember personality traits aren't just based on your sun sign. "For instance — and this all depends on their date of birth — but their moon, Venus, and Mars sign are definitely things to consider," Mesa previously told Bustle. As far as sun signs go, the following will stick by their SO's side through thick and thin, and will always step in when you need them.


Taurus is as supportive and devoted as they come. If anyone ever tries to mess with you or betray you, they'd better hope a Taurean SO isn't around when it happens, because they will do anything to defend the one they love. "What you see is what you get with this earth sign," said Mesa. "Meaning, if Taurus gives you their word, rest assured they’re sticking to it. Taurus is ride-or-die." All of their unwavering devotion stems from a deep-seated desire to be in a meaningful relationship rooted in mutual support. "They crave stability and security, especially when it involves their romantic relationships," explained Mesa. "Taurus is also a creature of habit and extremely stubborn." Their stubbornness can make Taureans even more supportive, even to a fault.



Scorpios value trust and supportiveness above all else. As a sensitive and intense sign, Scorpio won't back down if they feel their partner is being used or disrespected. However, there is a catch: Because they are so devoted, they expect their partner to be just as strong, fierce, and unwavering for them. Unfortunately, expecting their partners to meet them on the same level isn't always realistic, which often leads to Scorpio feeling disappointed or betrayed. "The minute they just sense a little betrayal, it’s downhill from there," said Mesa. This reactivity is often due to their inner lives and the secret struggles they try to conceal. "This water sign [might be] secretly insecure and hypersensitive. Their intensity stems from their extreme passions."


Cancer is another sign with the innate ability to protect and defend the one they love with a fervor that can border on overprotective. "No star sign is more loyal than Cancer, they would die for love (and kill for hate... so you've been warned, my friend)," wrote tarot expert and astrology writer Kerry Ward for Cosmopolitan. "They have a total blind spot for those they love, and will overlook almost anything. … That said, they demand the same in return, with bells on, scribed in blood, sealed with everlasting love." Similar to Scorpio, Cancer will go to the ends of the earth at the drop of a hat for their partner, but this also comes with the expectation that their SO will do the same.

Every trait has a positive and negative way of manifesting itself, so it's always important to remember that no one is perfect. Every sign has different qualities, and finding the right match is all about figuring out what's important to you. If being with someone who will never let you fall is a priority, then Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer are all solid matches.


Kerry Ward, tarot and astrology writer

Valerie Mesa, astrologer