3 Zodiac Signs Who Crave Intimacy Most Often, So Get A Little Closer

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One of the very best things about being in a relationship is the intimacy you have with our partner. It's the closeness, vulnerability, and physical touch that make that connection so special. While just about everyone needs intimacy in their relationships, some zodiac signs crave intimacy more, like a lot more, when they're partnered up.

These are the signs that tend to be more tapped into their emotions, so for them to feel fully loved and validated in their relationship they need a partner who's expressive with their feelings and is willing to be vulnerable and open too. They're also highly affectionate zodiac signs who often consider physical touch to be their primary love language. In other words, they want a deep and demonstrative connection with their partner. If that sounds like you or someone you're dating then chances are they're one of the signs that crave intimacy the most.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Of all the earth signs, Taurus is by far the most affectionate, thanks to its connection to Venus, the planet associated with love. This sign lives for physical connection and there's no limit to the amount of cuddling and kissing they desire. It's how they feel closest to and intimate with their partner. While they won’t rush into a relationship, once they're committed they give it their all and that means being open and honest with their heart, and they need the same in return.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

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While Cancer loves physical affection, what this water sign craves above all else is emotional intimacy. For Cancer to feel safe, loved, and connected to their partner, they need to be able to fully express the depth of their feelings and have that reflected back to them. Because their heart is so open and vulnerable, they have to be very careful opening up to people. But once they do, they need reassurance that they've trusted it to the right person. Emotional intimacy is how they feel safest.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

Scorpio might have a (well-earned) reputation for craving physical connection, as they're the most overtly sexual sign in the zodiac, but their desire for emotional intimacy may actually be stronger. That's because this water sign's very emotionally vulnerable underneath their armor. While it can be very easy for Scorpio to connect on a physical level without a lot of intimacy, it takes someone really special for them to reveal their true heart. And once you have it, Scorpio needs loyalty, affection, and plenty of attention in and out of the bedroom to be fully satisfied.

While all the signs the zodiac desire some degree of intimacy, these three just want that extra bit of closeness and affection. The good news is they're more than happy to return the favor to whoever claims their heart.