Two Leo best friends, wondering if their zodiac signs are compatible.

Leos Are Loyal, But That Doesn’t Make Them Compatible With Everyone

Does your zodiac sign have what it takes to make a friendship last with the lion?

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As the confident, expressive sign of the zodiac, Leos are always the center of attention and the life of the party. Their radiant and authentic demeanor is easy to spot from a mile away. After all, they are ruled by the sun. As solar individuals, they’re never afraid to step into the limelight, even if they have to do it alone — but they’d prefer support and encouragement from the people around them. Those born between July 22 and Aug. 22 are some of the most loyal, trustworthy people you will ever meet, and if you’re lucky enough to have a friendship with them, you’ll notice that they never hesitate to cheer you on, shower you with praise and affection, and love you out loud. As a fixed fire sign, Leos will be there when you need them, and you can expect them to be incredibly consistent with how they express themselves. However, while they’re warm, friendly people by nature, Leos aren’t actually compatible with every zodiac sign.

Leo is a naturally confident and ambitious zodiac sign, which can sometimes make them seem a bit self-absorbed or arrogant. They also struggle when it comes to adapting if things don’t go according to plan, which can cause them to appear stubborn and inflexible. You can, however, always trust that when they give you their word, they won’t ever go back on it. These individuals do require plenty of validation from others, but they also don’t hesitate to encourage and support their loved ones in return. A Leo will easily be your loudest and most benevolent advocate, so if you can match their energy, your friendship can and will last. The compatibility between Leo and the other zodiac signs varies widely, so if you’re curious to know how you vibe with the lions of the zodiac, look no further.

Here’s what Leo compatibility looks like with every zodiac sign:

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Aries And Leo Compatibility

These two signs have a lot in common, making them fast friends and a match made in heaven. As two fire signs, they understand each other’s need for independence and authority, and because of this, these two are easily a force to be reckoned with. While Aries is the fire sign that likes to initiate new projects and endeavors, Leo individuals are great at maintaining the vitality, something Aries can sometimes struggle with. While Leo can be a bit stubborn to Aries at times, these two are a powerful pair that can achieve anything they put their mind to when together. They also are easily the best duo to invite to a party.

Taurus And Leo Compatibility

As two fixed signs, Taurus and Leo both have their need for stability and security in common, but in much different ways. Taurus is far more concerned with long-term sustainability in a material sense, while Leo is a fire sign looking for acknowledgement and encouragement for their abilities. Since Taurus is much less a fan of the limelight and Leos thrive on validation, these two may have a tendency to clash. At their best, Taurus is able to keep a Leo’s ego grounded, while Leo is able to push Taurus out of their shell a bit. At their worst, they’re potentially far too stubborn to meet in the middle.

Gemini And Leo Compatibility

As an air and fire sign, respectively, Geminis and Leos will naturally gravitate toward each other, because of their compatible elements. Gemini keeps Leo’s fire burning with their curious, flexible nature, and Leo inspires Gemini to continuously pursue new mentally stimulating ideas and endeavors. The biggest difference here is that Gemini is far more adaptable and fickle at times, whereas Leo tends to be incredibly stubborn and set in their ways. Since Leo requires a lot of loyalty and stability, Gemini may not be the most reliable friend, causing rifts in the relationship. Gemini may also feel like the expectations of Leo are too high, leading them to venture elsewhere. Overall, a Gemini-Leo friendship may be a tricky one to maintain.

Cancer And Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo are incredibly different, but have one major thing in common: they’re both ruled by the luminaries. Cancer is ruled by the moon, while Leo is ruled by the sun, so they both tend to be the center of attention, but in very different ways. Because of this, they may find that they gravitate toward each other because there’s a sense of familiarity, but whether this friendship can stand the test of time is complicated. Cancer is a cardinal water sign all about emotional support and security, while Leos are far more interested external praise and expressing themselves as boldly as possible. Because of this, Cancer may oftentimes see Leo as self-absorbed, while Leo may feel that Cancer is oversensitive. Though they both care deeply for their loved ones, they express it in different ways: Cancers are the shoulder you cry on; Leo reminds you that you’re a boss. An interesting dynamic, and definitely one that may not be sustainable over time.

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Leo And Leo Compatibility

This friendship is either instant or impossible, because these two have very large personalities. The good thing is, two Leo friends can naturally understand the other one’s needs, but because this zodiac sign has a tendency to be a little demanding, they may not always mesh well. Since Leos are incredibly dominant people, they typically need someone who’s not as needy as they are, so that the other person can give them the attention they’re looking for. Two Leos in a friendship may struggle with meeting the other one’s desire for validation, because they’re looking to obtain it for themselves. While this friendship could easily work out, it’ll depend on how flexible this pair can be when it comes to supporting and encouraging the other, without feeling as if their own needs are being neglected.

Virgo And Leo Compatibility

These two signs couldn’t be more different, which may or may not work in their favor. In a friendship, Virgo is all about offering acts of service and giving you logical, matter-of-fact advice when you need it, whereas Leo is likely to give you a confidence boost and take you out to lunch when you’re feeling down. Virgo is also a reserved earth sign, whereas Leo is a larger-than-life fire sign. Because of their stark differences, these two may rarely see eye to eye, making maintaining a friendship somewhat challenging. If Virgo can understand Leo’s need to be the center of attention, and Leo can accept Virgo’s nit-picky way of trying to help, they may actually stand a chance.

Libra And Leo Compatibility

This friendship is a strong one, since Libra is a Venus-ruled air sign, and Leo is a sun-ruled fire sign. Libras are incredibly social, creative souls, and Leos are almost always the life of the party. Together, these two mesh well together, without stepping on the others toes, but this could also be the main issue in this relationship. Libras are incredibly non-confrontational people, while Leos rarely back down from a fight, and can be incredibly stubborn. Because of this, Libra may feel like Leo comes on a bit too strong, while Leo may see Libras as too passive. The good thing is, these two will easily always have a good time together, and will easily be the main characters of any party they walk into.

Scorpio And Leo Compatibility

As two fixed signs, Scorpio and Leo have plenty of things in common. They both crave security and stability in life, but for very different reasons. Scorpio is a water sign all about emotional security and protection, while Leo is more about consistently expressing themselves authentically. Because of their differences, Scorpio may see Leo as conceited or self-absorbed, while Leo may struggle to understand Scorpio’s intentions. They both are incredibly devoted people, however, so in a friendship, these two can always easily rely on the other. If their personality differences can be overlooked, this friendship is bound to last a very long time.

Sagittarius And Leo Compatibility

Sagittarius and Leo compatibility is incredibly strong, since both of them are fire signs. They do, however, share some pretty major differences. Sagittarius individuals are always seeking freedom, knowledge, and growth, while Leos are far less interested in exploring too far outside their comfort zone. This friendship is bound to be a fun one, however, with Sagittarius encouraging Leo to step out of their comfort zone, and Leo inspiring Sagittarius to set a goal and work to achieve it. While it may not be the most consistent relationship (to Leo’s dismay), this pair is bound to always embark on an exciting adventure when they’re together.

Capricorn And Leo Compatibility

Capricorn and Leo couldn’t be more different, but they surprisingly have some pretty major things in common. In this friendship, these two will often support and inspire each other to achieve their goals, but in very different ways. Capricorns are going to always give you a bit of tough love, which may not always go over well with Leo. They need plenty of external validation and encouragement, which isn’t Capricorn’s strong suit. Leo, on the other hand, is likely to be Capricorn’s biggest cheerleader, which is something Capricorn can grow to appreciate. Overall, this friendship may have too many differences to be long-lasting, but it’s bound to be a supportive relationship.

Aquarius And Leo Compatibility

As sister signs, Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites on the zodiacal wheel, but more often than not, opposites attract. Aquarians are incredibly skeptical of being in the limelight, while Leos tend to thrive in these kinds of environments. While this may work well since neither will ever step on the other’s toes, they may find that they’re simply too different to meet in the middle. Aquarius is an air sign with strong, stable opinions, while Leo is a bit more concerned with action and external expression. Because of this, Leo may see Aquarius as a wet blanket at times, while Aquarius may see Leo as greedy and self-absorbed. They do, however, have some strong similarities — they’re both fixed signs, and fire and air naturally compliments the other. Aquarius can inspire Leo with their unique individuality, while Aquarius may be drawn to Leo’s fearlessness when it comes to being in the limelight. If they can work through their differences, this is a friendship that can last a very long time.

Pisces And Leo Compatibility

Since water and fire are pretty conflicting elements, Pisces and Leo may not always feel like they can relate to each other, making this relationship a bit difficult. Pisces is the intuitive, emotionally-led sign of the zodiac, while Leo is all about confidence, self-expression, and consistency. Pisces is a mutable sign, so they aren’t always the most consistent, but you can always rely on their empathy when you need it. This may be a quality Leo appreciates, but they’re more interested in acknowledgement and vocal support than emotional support. Pisces, on the other hand, is looking for someone they can create a deep, spiritual connection with, which isn’t necessarily a top priority for Leo. At the end of the day, these two may just simply be two different to keep a solid friendship going.