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Are You Compatible With A Cancer?

These relationships are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

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Cancers are commonly referred to as the mothers of the zodiac, and for good reason. These individuals will always make sure that you’re always taken care of. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, a place to stay, or some comfort food, those born between June 21 and July 22 make some of the most nurturing friends that you can have. As a cardinal water sign, they’re always actively seeking to protect what brings them comfort and security, and if you’re someone they care about, you definitely fall in that category. While their soft, sentimental center can sometimes lead to them being underestimated, Cancers are incredibly defensive — if they feel like something’s off, they’re quick to listen to their gut, because it’s usually right. Because of their keen intuition, they have a way of knowing exactly what people need, which makes the people around them always feel right at home. Despite them being incredibly kindhearted, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they get along with every zodiac sign. Like the rest of us, Cancers have qualities that don’t always mesh well with the other members of the zodiac.

Ruled by the moon, Cancers have a tendency to be incredibly moody, and for good reason — their ruler changes signs every two and a half days. Cancers make decisions based on how they feel in the moment, which makes them a bit unpredictable — causing them to unintentionally rub some people the wrong way. Since Cancer is a cardinal sign, they’re quick to take initiative, but it’s usually based off of their feelings, which doesn’t always make them the most logical decision-makers. At their best, Cancers are incredible caregivers and have a deep understanding of their emotions as well as others, but at their worst, they can come off as temperamental, touchy, and overreactive. The compatibility between other signs and these individuals varies widely, so if you’re wondering how you vibe with these intuitive souls, look no further.

Here’s what Cancer compatibility looks like with every zodiac sign:

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Aries And Cancer Compatibility

Fiery and assertive, Aries individuals are the go-getters of the zodiac. They are also incredibly independent, which is something they have in common with Cancers. Where they differ, however, is through their expression. Both of these signs are of the cardinal modality, so they’re action-oriented, but Cancers are far more emotional, while Aries aren’t. This could leave Cancer feeling emotionally neglected, leading to some tension amongst this duo (and some passive-aggressive behavior on Cancer’s side). Aries may enjoy Cancer’s company though, since this sign will likely remind them to slow down and consider the emotions of others. All in all, this duo may not be a match made in heaven, but it could work if they’re willing to set aside their differences.

Taurus And Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer are both motivated by comfort and security, making the compatibility between these two a strong one. Taurus individuals are patient, calm, and unmoving, which could help to ground the moody nature of Cancer, while Cancers can bring the soft, sensitive side out of Taurus. Overall, the compatibility between these two signs is incredibly strong, and they compliment each other in ways that can encourage the other to be the best, most authentic versions of themselves. Taurus will make sure Cancer is well-fed, and Cancer will make sure Taurus isn’t neglecting their emotions. What’s better than that?

Gemini And Cancer Compatibility

Gemini individuals are incredibly light-hearted, curious souls, mainly motivated by mental stimulation, and Cancers are all about how they feel, making the dynamic between these two a complicated one. While Gemini can teach Cancer not to take things so seriously, Cancer may feel like Gemini is inconsiderate or dismissive of their feelings. Gemini is the jokester of the zodiac, so they do have a tendency to make light of heavy feelings — which could ultimately bring out Cancer’s ugly side. While these two could learn a lot from each other, it may not ultimately be worth the headache.

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility

Two Cancers sounds like a lot of strong emotions, but this could actually be a very strong, secure relationship. The good thing about this relationship is that the individuals involved won’t have to explain their sensitivity — they’ll just understand each other. This dynamic could, however, be complicated at times, especially if one of the Cancers feels as if their needs aren’t being met. Cancers have a tendency to become a bit grouchy if they feel like someone is taking advantage of them, so it’ll be important that these two validate the other’s emotions when needed. Overall, this dynamic is certain to be a strong one — one where each person caters to and nurtures the other, meeting their needs in a way other’s can’t.

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Leo And Cancer Compatibility

Both ruled by the luminaries, you’d think Leo and Cancer would be more alike, but in reality, they couldn’t be more different. Cancer is a cardinal, water sign, whereas Leo is a fixed, fire sign — making how they express themselves vastly different. Leo seeks constant validation and acknowledgement, while Cancer is looking for emotional connection. As the nurturer of the zodiac, Cancer may have a tendency to feel taken advantage of by Leo, since these individuals have a tendency to be a bit self-focused. Leo can, however, make Cancer feel appreciated and valued, as long as they are able to remember the validation that Cancer needs, too.

Virgo And Cancer Compatibility

Since Virgo is the productive helper of the zodiac, they get along pretty well with Cancer. These two are both able to benefit from the other’s qualities, with Cancer reminding Virgo to take care of themselves, and Virgo holding Cancer accountable when it comes to their responsibilities. While Virgo may not necessarily be the best with managing the emotions of others, Cancer can teach Virgo that tending to your feelings isn’t a waste of time. This duo has the potential to be a great one, as long as these two practice patience with one another.

Libra And Cancer Compatibility

As an air and water sign, these two don’t have much in common except for that they’re both cardinal signs. Because of this, these two could become friends pretty quickly, but this dynamic may not have the most lasting power. Libra is a cardinal, air sign that’s not always the most consistent, while Cancer has a tendency to become a bit clingy. Since they’re both motivated by caring and connecting with others, this connection is likely to be drama free — but it may not be as deep of a connection that Cancer ultimately is looking for.

Scorpio And Cancer Compatibility

As two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio can understand each other in ways that other people can’t — which is why they may become close right away. While Scorpio is far more cautious and reserved than Cancer, this doesn’t scare Cancer away, because they tend to be pretty private too. This dynamic is certain to be very deep and emotionally intense, but since both of these signs look for intimate connections, it’s not something that will intimidate the other. In fact, this connection has the ability to stand the test of time — especially since Scorpio is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, and Cancer’s devotion doesn’t waver when they care about someone.

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Sagittarius And Cancer Compatibility

These signs couldn’t be more different — Cancer is all about security and emotional care, whereas Sagittarius is all about freedom, growth, and spontaneity. While these two signs are sure to teach each other plenty, it’s not a dynamic that may last too long (I’m looking at you, Sagittarius). These individuals hate to feel tied down, and while Cancer means well, they tend to come off a bit clingy to those who are just looking for a fun, light-hearted time. While Cancers are caring, they can also be a little needy, which could ultimately scare Sagittarius away.

Capricorn And Cancer Compatibility

As sister signs, Cancer and Capricorn have more in common than even they may realize. Both cardinal signs, these two are the “mom and dad” of the zodiac. Cancers are all about caring for your emotional needs, whereas Capricorns are all about assisting you in creating a plan and accomplishing your goals. Together, these two compliment each other very well — Cancer reminds Capricorn to slow down, rest, and remember to take care of themselves, and Capricorn reminds Cancer that emotional can’t always come before logic. While a very powerful duo, this two have the tendency to get on each others nerves a bit, but there’s a lot of potential here.

Aquarius And Cancer Compatibility

As the caregiver of the zodiac, Cancers may not always vibe well with the rebellious innovators of the zodiac, Aquarius. These two are incredibly different: Aquarius is fixed air, and Cancer is cardinal water. Aquarians are all about mental stimulation, whereas Cancers are all about feelings. Together, they’re similar to oil and water — they just want very different things in life. Because of this, they may not always see eye to eye, so the compatibility amongst these two may not exactly be smooth sailing. Aquarians are very laid back people, and Cancers are pretty sensitive, leading them to feel emotionally neglected by Aquarius at times. They could, however, teach Aquarius to pay closer attention to their feelings — if Aquarius allows them to, that is.

Pisces And Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces compatibility is pretty effortless, since they’re both intuitive water signs. Together, these signs can instinctively understand the emotions of the other, with Cancer caring about Pisces emotional wellbeing, and Pisces caring about Cancer’s soul. Pisces is like the psychic sponge of the zodiac, making them highly aware of the emotional needs of Cancer, leaving Cancer feeling safe and taken care of which goes a long way. The only issue with this duo is that Pisces is a mutable sign that has a tendency to be somewhat fickle, whereas Cancer is a bit more consistent. Regardless, these two will seldom have issues because they’re both incredibly understanding and caring by nature.

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