Two women — one Leo, one Virgo — looking up at the camera, wondering their friendship compatibility.

3 Reasons Why A Leo-Virgo Friendship May Not Be As Compatible As You Think

These two signs have some *big* differences that are impossible to ignore.

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They say that opposites attract. But can two zodiac signs that are completely different from each other really maintain a relationship without driving each other up a wall? The answer is complicated, especially when it comes to friendship between Leos and Virgos. While this dynamic duo may seem like a compatible relationship match — and it is in many ways — they have some pretty big differences that are impossible to ignore.

For starters, Leo is a fixed fire sign, all about consistently being the life of the party; the proud, confident center of attention. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, all about adaptability, details, and productivity. Think of Virgo as the stage manager, while Leo is the lead actor. While these qualities combined can make for an incredible show, together these personalities can easily clash, possibly making Leo and Virgo a not-so-compatible pair in both platonic and romantic relationships.

Fire and earth are elements that kind of cancel each other out. Fire is snuffed out by earth, and earth just becomes really hot and dry when it’s on fire, making these two elements a bit frustrated when combined. They both have very different objectives: Earth is all about slow, steady, and practical growth, whereas fire is about instant gratification and immediate results. As a Leo or a Virgo, working with the qualities of the other can be confusing and annoying in friendship. To further prove my point, here are three reasons why a Leo-Virgo pairing isn’t exactly a match made in heaven:

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1. Leos do everything extravagantly. Virgos are more concerned with the fine details.

Leos are literally ruled by the sun, so they can’t help but be noticed everywhere that they go; they naturally call attention to themselves by just being their warm, energetic selves. Virgos, on the other hand, tend to thrive behind the scenes. As the most productive sign of the zodiac, Virgos aren’t looking for recognition — the only person they really care about impressing is themselves. Their ability to catch small details can easily be overlooked by someone like a Leo, whose eye is on the prize at all times. Leos have a natural competitive streak and want to be the best, while Virgos are simply looking to find the most productive way to get things done.

2. Virgos are willing to adapt and change, while Leos are much more stubborn.

As a mutable earth sign, Virgo individuals are much more go with the flow than you might think. Being ruled by Mercury, they’re constantly looking to collect information and apply it in a productive way — even if that means their original way of approaching a problem was incorrect. Virgo is a sign that wants to change in order to be more efficient, while Leo is much more inclined to try and make their way work (even if it’s clearly not). This is a quick and easy recipe for disaster in any relationship, because working on simple issues becomes a much more tedious task. Reaching compromise can be hard with any fixed sign, and with Leo, don’t expect for them to go down without a fight.

3. Leos and Virgos simply want different things in life.

Have you ever had a conversation with these zodiac signs? Their interests are like night and day. Leo individuals are looking for passion, appreciation and attention, while Virgo individuals look for information, answers to problems, and efficiency. As signs that are generally motivated by different things, this duo may find that they both can never seem to want the same things — and that’s OK. You can admire qualities in a person without it having to mean that you’re doing anything wrong.

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