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Leo's Ruling Planet Is Red Hot, & It Explains So Much About The Sign

by Valerie Mesa

There's no connection without energy. It's similar to charging your electronic gadgets and/or logging into the nearest WiFi, but this is especially true when it comes to astrology, considering the numinous correlations existing between a zodiac archetype and its ruling planet. Energy explains so much, and this couldn't be more apparent than at the start of Leo season. With the season of the lion in full bloom, the meaning of Leo's planetary ruler provides so much more context on the symbolism that will be everywhere during this astrological time.

Evolution is a part of the human experience, but the progression taking place through all 12 zodiac signs is also reflected in each stage of your human development. Aries is the first spark of light, equivalent to the very first breath. Taurus sees the world through its senses, the same way you learned how to feel, hear, see, taste, and touch. Mercury-ruled Gemini communicates and mentally processes, which is symbolic of cognitive development. Emotionally driven Cancer teaches you how to nurture your surroundings, similar to the unconscious pact you make with yourself before leaving your home to step out and into the world on your own.

Last but certainly not least, Leo's fixed fire sign energy is a representation of its glowing courage. Shiny, festive, and charismatic, Leo is synonymous with the majestic sun on a cloudy day. It's uplifting, friendly, and sure knows how to make an entrance. With the sun as its ruler, can you honestly blame Leo for hogging the spotlight? The sun isn't just the center of the universe and the greatest source of energy — it's also Leo's planetary ruler.

Leos Are The Children Of The Sun: Born Between July 22 - Aug. 22


It doesn't matter whether or not you're a fan of this fixed fire sign. You have Leo somewhere in your birth chart (everyone does), which means its charismatic essence plays a significant role somewhere in your life. This doesn't mean Leos are more potent than the rest of the zodiac, but the sun is pretty hard to miss. A symbol of the ego and soul's purpose, the astrological house your sun sits in can help you determine the area of your life where you shine the brightest. The sun shines just as bright in your birth chart as it does in real life, which again can help you understand Leo's larger-than-life personality.

In addition to being a representation of your authenticity and life force, the sun energizes and revitalizes the spirit. It's no coincidence so many people use the phrase "pocket full of sunshine" when referring to those who come across as lively and/or positive. The sun is almost like your life-long cheerleader, and the same goes for those born under the sign of Leo. Just like the dazzling sun, Leos constantly emanate happiness, love, and warmth. In fact, it's essential that those who born under this fire sign find an outlet where they can express themselves at a very young age. In addition to their innate confidence and shiny presence, Leos are usually gifted with a specific talent or skill.

It doesn't matter whether the sun is rising or setting, it's always giving the world a spectacular performance, and the same goes for Leo. This audacious fire sign needs to love and feel loved in return. Though some are intolerant to their vivaciousness and attention-seeking personalities, they'll soon realize Leos can't be any other way. It's similar to the feeling you get when you're out and about on a sunny day, but you forgot your glasses. The sun is a magnificent force to be reckoned with, and it can't be tamed. Leos thrive when they can be their most authentic selves, and their sunny aura will inspire you to do the same.