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How You Live Your Best Life, Based On The House Your Sun Sign Is In

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One of the many beautiful things about astrology is how infinite it is. No matter how many years you've been studying the cosmos, there's always more to learn, and a perfect example of its depth lies in your birth chart. It contains layers upon layers of revelations about your soul's journey; the person you've been and the person you're becoming. A novice might think that their sun sign is all they need to know about astrology, but that's actually quite a lazy assumption. Astrology is so much bigger than the signs, and the real question you should be asking is what house is your sun sign in? The answer, which can be found in your birth chart, reveals so much about where your personality radiates the most power.

To give you the lowdown, the 12 houses of astrology each represent a facet of life. Every planet in your birth chart illuminates a specific house, infusing that area of your personality with its planetary energy. If multiple planets are present in a specific house, then that area of your life is even more charged and emphasized. (This website makes it super easy to calculate your birth chart with the houses fully laid out for you. Make sure to figure out yours before reading.)

In astrology, the sun is just as important as it sounds like it is. With its bright and golden rays of light, it represents the potential that you spend your entire life growing into. The sun is your ego, your life force, and everything about you that makes you unique. The house your sun sign is in says so much about where your greatest talents lie.

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Sun In The First House Of The Self

You know exactly who you are. Your presence is noticed the second you walk into a room. When you believe in something, you believe in it wholeheartedly, and you always have the courage to be true to yourself. There is nothing artificial about you. What they see is what they get.

Sun In The Second House Of Value And Finance

Your character is firmly rooted in finding value and security in your surroundings. The more money in your bank account, the better. Working hard to build the life you desire is extremely important to you. You're also a deeply sensual person who stops to smell the roses whenever you can.

Sun In The Third House Of Communication

You are often the most alert and mentally intelligent person in the room. You're a skilled conversationalist and someone who knows a little bit about everything. Able to easily adapt to new situations, you're a chameleon of sorts. Restless by nature, you're always trying to keep yourself busy.

Sun In The Fourth House Of Home And Family

There's nothing in the world that's more important to you than family. You'd often rather stay at home than go out and meet strangers. You take pride in your closest relationships and your happiness is heavily reliant on having intimate and trustworthy relationships with the ones you love.

Sun In The Fifth House Of Fun And Creativity

You're the entertainer, the jokester, the person who can make anyone smile. You thrive when you're engaging in creative activities and your soul is depleted in a conservative environment. Capable of making even the most boring situations fun, you likely attract lots of admirers and friends.

Sun In The Sixth House Of Heath And Work

You are most confident when you can make yourself useful. Whenever someone needs help, you're the first one to offer it. You set goals that you work hard to achieve and your daily routine is never without structure. You care deeply about becoming the best possible person you can be.

Sun In The Seventh House Of Partnerships

Your greatest potential is unlocked when you're in a healthy and loyal relationship. Whether the partnership is marriage, friendship, or business-related, your greatest strength comes from cooperating with and learning from someone else. Harmony is your superpower and your personality shines with it.

Sun In The Eighth House Of Sex And Rebirth

Passion is your northern star. You seek meaning, intensity, and depth wherever you go. If your heart is not fully invested in something, its not worth it. You're always willing to look at the shadow side of life and you fear very little. You have an intensity to your personality that's very alluring.

Sun In The Ninth House Of Expansion And Philosophy

You want to see the world, learn everything there is to learn, and taste everything there is to taste. You fear lying on your death bed, knowing you could have lived your life so much more. You're a traveler at heart, a connoisseur of culture, and you're always seeking the truth.

Sun In The 10th House Of Career And Reputation

You have big plans for yourself. You have visions of being very successful in your field, possibly even famous. You thrive when given a challenge and you soar when you're in a leadership position. Ambition leads you through life and the world sees you as someone who's going places.

Sun In The 11th House Of Friends

Even though you're very independent, you care very deeply about humanity. When you're surrounded by like-minded individuals, your potential is awakened. You thrive in a circle of genuine, authentic friends. You lead the movement, encouraging everyone to follow you toward a better future.

Sun In The 12th House Of Spirituality

Solitude is essential to your power. You have vivid daydreams and a deep understanding of other dimensions and unconscious realms. With your intuitive understanding of the world, you have a deep sense of compassion and it is difficult for you to harbor hate. You save the world in your kind and quiet way.

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