The Top 10 BTS Moments Of 2020 Will Literally Go Down In Music History

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS went above and beyond in 2020. Despite the music industry taking a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, the group continued giving fans mind-blowing performances and plenty of new content. They dropped three albums, streamed two virtual concerts, and shared countless solo songs and collaborations. Not a month passed by where BTS didn't give fans something exciting to enjoy. In return, ARMYs helped them make music history. Seven years after debuting, BTS achieved their first Billboard No. 1 single and landed their first Grammy nomination. Since they continued defying expectations each month, it may be hard to remember everything BTS accomplished. To give you a recap, here are the top 10 BTS moments of 2020 that capture the group's success.

2020 was definitely one of BTS' biggest years. Although their Map of the Soul tour got postponed and many of their performances were virtual, BTS turned things around by using the online space to give fans even bigger stages than expected. The members also used their free time to work on solo music and collaborate with other artists. There were so many highlights, but here are 10 that had fans at a loss for words.

1. BTS Rang in 2020 on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

BTS started 2020 with a bang by performing "Make It Right" and "Boy With Luv" on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Over 21 million people watched the show, meaning all eyes were on BTS that night. If that wasn't enough, the guys were right beside Ryan Seacrest and Lost Malone when the ball dropped.

2. BTS Performed at the Grammys For the First Time

There's a saying in the BTS fandom that goes, "What Suga wants, Suga gets," and that's because his dreams keep coming true. During a May 2018 interview with J-14, Suga said his dream was to attend the Grammy Awards. At the time, the rest of the members laughed, but the following year, they attended the event as presenters, and in 2020, they performed alongside Lil Nas X for a huge "Old Town Road" mashup. Fans can't wait for the day BTS finally gives a solo performance on the Grammys stage.

3. BTS Made Their Comeback With Map of the Soul: 7

The hype surrounding BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 was huge. After the group dropped Map of the Soul: Persona in April 2019, fans theorized the album was part of another trilogy series and next was Shadow and Ego. RM later revealed ARMYs were right, but because BTS took an extended vacation that year, they scrapped the idea and mashed the two albums together instead. BTS couldn't have picked a better name for their record than Map of the Soul: 7 because the project tells the story of the members' seven years together.

4. BTS Performed at Grand Central Terminal

BTS truly raised the bar by performing "ON" at New York City's historic Grand Central Terminal with their background dancers. Fans loved the performance because they could see every bit of the choreography due to the area's large space. The best part was, BTS even did their dance break from their music video, blowing everyone away.

5. Suga Made His Comeback as Agust D on D-2

Suga first announced he was working on another mixtape during an episode of BTS' vacation series Bon Voyage in November 2019. After months of waiting, Big Hit Entertainment teased the record's release in May 2020 with a mysterious countdown starting at "D-7." The number went down each day, hinting something big was coming in exactly seven days. As it turns out, it was actually counting down to D-2, the name of Suga's second Agust D mixtape. Let's just say, ARMYs were not prepared for it at all, making it one of the biggest BTS moments of the year.

6. "Dynamite" Debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100

BTS has been steadily making their way up the Billboard charts through the years. They made their first appearance on the Hot 100 with "DNA" in September 2017, and from there, they only inched closer and closer to the top. In May 2018, the group achieved their first top 10 hit with "Fake Love," and in February 2020, "ON" became their first song on the top five. After years of hard work, BTS finally debuted at No. 1 with their English-language single "Dynamite." The ranking was so deserving, and helped them become the first Korean group to ever reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

7. BTS Redefined the Virtual Concert Experience with Map of the Soul: ON:E

BTS' Map of the Soul ON:E concert was one of the biggest virtual events of 2020, drawing in nearly one million viewers. Fans agreed the show had the setlist of everyone's dreams because it mixed both old and new songs, from throwbacks like "We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2" and "Boy In Luv," to new hits like "Black Swan" and "ON." Plus, the guys performed their Map of the Soul: 7 solo songs for the first time and fans were absolutely in awe of the choreography.

8. BTS Went No. 1 Again With "Savage Love" Remix

Weeks after "Dynamite" went No. 1 on Aug. 31, BTS reached the top again with Jason Derulo and JAWSH 685's "Savage Love" remix on Oct. 12. The group's addition gave the song a huge boost in streaming numbers, accumulating over 16 million U.S. streams and selling over 76,000 downloads during its debut week. "Savage Love" was already a hit on TikTok, but the BTS remix helped it soar to new heights.

9. "Life Goes On" Became The First Ever Korean-Language No. 1 On The Billboard Hot 100

"Life Goes On" debuting at the top of the Hot 100 was a big moment in BTS' career because it marked their first Korean-language No. 1 hit. The song helped the group make history in several ways, but most impressive of all was "Life Goes On" becoming the first non-English single to debut at No. 1 in Hot 100 history. Through the years, BTS has received very little support from radio due to their primarily non-English music, so "Life Goes On" going No. 1 entirely by fans' support was so satisfying for ARMYs who've always believed BTS could achieve the feat by staying true to themselves.

10. BTS Scored Their First Grammy Nomination

BTS ended 2020 with their most impressive achievement yet: A Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group performance, making them the first Korean group to ever be recognized in a major Grammys category. Fans were so proud of BTS for once again breaking boundaries in the music industry.

ARMYs can't wait to see what BTS accomplishes in 2021!