Here Are All The Ways BTS' New Single "Life Goes On" Made Major History

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On Monday, Nov. 30, ARMYs got the best new ever: BTS' "Life Goes On" went No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group already topped the chart twice in 2020, but this ranking meant more to fans because it's the group's first song sung mainly in Korean to reach the top of the chart. Fans also had much more to celebrate because there were 6 ways BTS' "Life Goes On" made music history.

The single comes off BTS' latest album BE, which dropped on Friday, Nov. 20. The record means a lot to fans because each song tells a relatable story about how much life has changed due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. In "Life Goes On," BTS tells fans they're strong enough to get through whatever hardships they're facing because the rain won't last forever. "Like an echo in the forest/ The day will come back around/ As if nothing happened/ Yeah life goes on," they sing during the chorus.

Unlike "Dynamite," which featured entirely English lyrics, "Life Goes On" has BTS singing almost entirely in Korean except for a few brief phrases in English. Since it's rare to see non-English songs on the top of the Hot 100, let alone ones that debut at No. 1, their latest ranking on the chart meant that much more to fans.

Here are all the ways BTS' "Life Goes On" made history.

1. "Life Goes On" is BTS' third No. 1 in 3 months.

Despite their tour being postponed, BTS still made 2020 their year by not only achieving their first No. 1 single with "Dynamite," but getting three of their songs to top the chart. They followed up "Dynamite" with their remix of Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo's "Savage Love" and, now, "Life Goes On." To make the accomplishment even more impressive, the group did it all within three months.

2. BTS is the fastest artist to achieve three No. 1 hits in over 42 years.

"Dynamite" went No. 1 on Sept. 5, and then the "Savage Love" remix topped the chart on Oct. 17. "Life Goes On" coming on top on Nov. 30 makes BTS the fastest artist to achieve three No. 1 hits since the Bee Gees did it in 1978 within two months and three weeks.

3. BTS scored their first three No. 1s faster than any act since The Beatles in 1964.

Over 50 years ago, The Beatles' first No. 1 singles "I Want to Hold Your Hand," "She Loves You," and "Can't Buy Me Love" all went No. 1 within a span of two months and three days. Now, BTS' first three No. 1 singles are seeing similar success because they reached the top consecutively within three months.

4. BTS is only the second artist with three Hot 100 No. 1s in 2020.

If that wasn't enough, BTS now joins Ariana Grande as the only artist to have three No. 1 hits in 2020.

5. BTS is the first duo/group with two No. 1 Hot 100 debuts.

Although several groups have achieved a No. 1 hit through the years, none have done so right away. That's why BTS' ability to send their songs to the top immediately shows how powerful they really are in the music industry.

6. "Life Goes On" is the first non-English-language song to debut at No. 1.

Fans will be proud to hear "Life Goes On" is the first song in a foreign language to debut at No. 1. It's also the first Hot 100 No. 1 in history sung in Korean. That's huge when you remember PSY's "Gangnam Style" didn't even get a No. 1 (it peaked at No. 2!) and it was everywhere in 2012.

ARMYs are so proud of BTS for everything they've accomplished this year.