The Tweets About BTS "Savage Love" Remix Are All Over The Place Emotionally

ARMYs Are Shook Over 1 Word Jungkook Sings In The "Savage Love" Remix

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JAWSH 685 and Jason Derulo's "Savage Love" was already a massive hit, spawning countless dancing videos on TikTok, but with BTS hopping on a remix, the single is going viral all over again. If you haven't listened to it, you better do so ASAP. As these tweets about BTS' "Savage Love" remix suggest, it will become your new favorite song. ARMYs can't stop listening to it because it's that good, especially one particular part of Jungkook's verse.

Fans only found out about the team-up days before the single's release. On Sunday, Sept. 27, Derulo teased a project involving BTS was coming soon. "I'll make a special announcement when this post gets to 10 million likes," Derulo captioned a TikTok, tagging BTS and JAWSH 685.

Genius ARMYs did some digging, and discovered BTS was reportedly credited underneath one of Derulo's "Savage Love" music videos, kicking off speculation a remix was heading their way.

The next day, BTS officially announced their collaboration on Twitter, writing, "#SavageLoveRemix This Friday @Jawsh_685 x @jasonderulo x #BTS," along with a video of the three performing the track's viral TikTok dance.

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On Friday, Oct. 2, the artists dropped their remix, and ARMYs ate it right up, gushing about how BTS made the song even better than it already was on Twitter. For one, Jungkook absolutely slayed with his angelic vocals in the chorus. Since BTS usually stays away from swearing in their releases as a group, fans were shook over the fact the maknae actually dropped the F bomb.

"Savage love, did somebody, did somebody break your heart?/ Lookin' like an angel, but your savage love/ When you kiss me, I know you don't give two f*cks/ But I still want that," he sings.

See ARMYs' reaction to the lyric below.

Fans also loved J Hope and Suga's new mix of English and Korean lyrics. ARMYs thought their verses were so poetic and added an even deeper meaning to the song. "'Love' is perhaps a momentary array of emotions/ It all comes with conditions/ What do I love?/ 'Eternity' is perhaps a sandcastle collapsing weakly, helplessly before a calm wave," Suga raps.

J-Hope comes in with these lyrics: "Every night, every day, I’m swept away by the waves/ Don’t know what I’m thinking/ Can’t get you outta my head/ Whether I am afraid of is 'you' or 'then' I want to love you like fire right now."

Hear JAWSH 685, Jason Deulo, and BTS' "Savage Love" remix below.

Clearly, "Savage Love" has become ARMYs' latest anthem.