BTS' Suga's Daechwita Music Video

Suga Dropped His New Agust D Video Early & ARMYs Will Never Sleep Again


There's a reason why ARMYs are afraid to sleep. Suga dropped his new Agust D mixtape called D-2, along with an epic new music video for his single way earlier than fans expected. These tweets about Suga's new "Daechwita" music video are basically ARMYs' collective vow to never sleep again.

Big Hit began teasing the release of a mysterious new project via Twitter on May 16. The photo was just a smokey black square with "D-7" on it, leading fans to believe whatever was coming would drop seven days later on May 23. Every day, the smoke in the photo became clearer, turning into the silhouette of a BTS member (who it was, exactly, was up for debate). Fans thought they'd have to wait until May 23 for answers, but then Suga pulled a fast one on them.

The day after the countdown hit D-2, Suga dropped an entire 10-track mixtape under his soloist alias, Agust D, along with his new music video for "Daechwita." The song explores his conflicting feelings about fame and success with intensely raw lyrics, which is par for the course when it comes to Agust D.

The song alone is epic, but the video adds to the effect. In the beginning Agust D looks at the camera, revealing a scar on his left eye. As the video goes on, Suga alternates between wearing traditional hanbok and more modern clothes as he delivers seriously mind-blowing lyrics (the video has English subtitles, so turn them on). Everything you could ever want in a music video (or an action-packed adventure film) is there: visuals, car chases, fight scenes, comedy, dancing, everything. Plus, it's filmed at a literal palace.,

Check out the music video below:

When it comes to the ARMYs' reactions, at first, they just couldn't get over the fact that D-2 had come earlier than expected.

But once they got past the shock of the mixtape coming early, they just couldn't stop gushing over how amazing it is.

Watching with the lyrics turned on makes it even more thrilling, because Agust D does not hold back.

And did I mention, BTS was hidden throughout the video?

And it should come as no surprise, but "Daechwita" is already breaking major YouTube records. The video became the fastest music video by a soloist to reach 2 million likes in just two hours and 43 minutes.

Agust D did not come to play. Check out his whole D-2 mixtape below.