BTS Was Nominated For A Grammy! I REPEAT: BTS Was Nominated For A Grammy!

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Grammy Awards is the most prestigious musical event of the year, meaning only the biggest artists in the industry get nominated. If you ask ARMYs, they'd tell you BTS should have been recognized years ago because the group has broken countless records on the charts and on streaming platforms and 2020 has only brought about more success. This year, BTS achieved their first Billboard No. 1 single with "Dynamite," becoming the first Korean act to top the chart. The single's music video also racked up 101.1 million views in 24 hours, making it the most-viewed YouTube video in a single day. After all these achievements, fans will be happy to hear BTS was nominated for a 2021 Grammy.

Before the Recording Academy announced its nominees on Tuesday, Nov. 24, critics had a feeling BTS would snag some nominations, making fans so excited to hear the final results. Some critics thought "Dynamite" was a strong contender for Record of the Year, while Map of the Soul: 7 could go up for Album of the Year. BTS was also seen as a likely nominee for Best Pop Duo/Group performance. Fans were happy with these predictions since they felt the nominations would finally recognize BTS' artistry. Meanwhile, a controversial prediction was BTS would snag a nom for Best New Artist. Fans thought this downplayed the group's impact on the industry, especially since they've been outselling many of their peers on the charts.

In the end, BTS scored a nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group performance, making them the first Korean group to ever be recognized in a major Grammys category. ARMYs were so proud of the guys making history once again. They also pointed out how amazing it was BTS got both a Billboard No. 1 single and a Grammy nom in their seventh year of being a group.

In 2019, BTS made history for being the first Korean group to present an award at the Grammys and in 2020, they became the first Korean group to perform on the Grammys stage. Fans are hoping BTS makes history again by winning Best Pop Duo/Group next.