Will BTS Be Nominated For A 2021 Grammy? They're Front-Runners In A Controversial Category

BTS Is A Front-Runner In THIS Grammys Category, & ARMYs Have Mixed Feelings About It

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

The eligibility period for the 63rd Grammy Awards nominations officially closed on Aug. 31, so discussions are starting about which artists are likely to snag a nomination. Despite breaking countless records, outselling many of their peers, and making history on the music charts time and time again, BTS has yet to be recognized by the Recording Academy. However, with BTS' "Dynamite" going No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, fans and industry insiders alike are wondering if that could finally change. A few critics have shared their thoughts about whether BTS will be nominated for a 2021 Grammy. Apparently, they foresee the group getting nominated in one specific category, but fans have mixed feelings about the prediction. feel that prediction doesn't accurately reflect their impact and success.

Due to the Grammys recently changing their Best New Artist guidelines, some critics feel BTS are front-runners in the category. In June, the Recording Academy announced there is no longer a specified maximum number of releases prohibiting artists from being nominated for Best New Artist. Instead, they'll determine nominees based on whether they had "a breakthrough or prominence prior to the eligibility year." If they did, they would be disqualified from the category.

A few critics see BTS getting their first No. 1 record as a sign they made a breakthrough in the U.S. However, fans feel that breakthrough came years ago and BTS should have been nominated for the category as early as 2018. Previously, in order to be eligible for the category, artists "could not have 30 singles/tracks or three albums in their career," which made BTS ineligible because they've been releasing album after album since 2013. With this in mind, ARMYs' frustrations at these rule changes are understandable.

While fans are thrilled BTS seems to finally be being taken seriously by Recording Academy voting members, they also feel as though this rule change is an all-too-familiar move on the U.S. music award show circuit: an effort to recognize BTS too little too late while also boxing them out of main categories they deserve to be included in among their industry peers.

Meanwhile, other industry critics feel BTS could be contenders for Best Pop Duo/Group performance, Record of The Year, or even Album of the Year. Seeing as BTS' Map of the Soul: 7, which features their record-breaking single "On," is the best-selling album worldwide and the second best-selling record in the U.S., these predictions seem closer to reflecting the group's impact. Not to mention, BTS receiving their first No. 1 hit "Dynamite" is only further proof of their success.

Regardless of which category they get nominated for, if any, BTS said they'll be grateful for the recognition.

"To imagine that we could be nominated for a Grammy, it would be such an honor and a great feeling," J-Hope said in a Sept. 2 interview with The Associated Press. "The sheer thought of a nomination is thrilling."

According to Suga, what would really make BTS happy is a solo performance at the Grammys. In January 2020, the group performed alongside Lil Nas X, so Suga would like for BTS to take the stage by themselves next time. "For now, just getting to perform on the Grammy award stage is our goal," Suga said during a Sept. 1 press conference.

The 2020 Grammy nominations are expected to be announced in November.