3 Zodiac Signs Who Aren't Compatible With Virgos, So Think Twice Before Swiping Right

It takes a special kind of person to get along with a Virgo, and as someone who's had Virgo BFFs and crushes, I mean no shade. (OK, maybe a little!) Folks born under this zodiac sign (Virgo season runs from Aug. 23 to Sept. 23) are intense, hard-working perfectionists. Naturally, they're all about their business, which can mean two things: They have a super low tolerance for impracticality, and it can be hard for them to open up. That said, not everyone makes a compatible match for this sign. The three zodiac signs who aren't compatible with Virgos are the signs that would simply butt heads with them because their approaches to life are just too different.

Of course, nothing is impossible when it comes to sex and love, even with astrology in the mix. Yes, you might compare your sun sign (aka, your main zodiac sign) to your crush's or lover's, and you may or may not be "compatible" in the traditional sense. But you can also learn even more (and probably find more signs of compatibility) by analyzing your and your boo's birth charts. That way, you can compare your Venus signs (aka, your love signs) and your Mars signs (aka, your sex signs). With that in mind, here are the three zodiac signs who are least compatible with Virgos, so take some notes!

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

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By nature, Virgos are very detail-oriented and constantly strive to be better. On one hand, that can make them discerning and give them an excellent B.S. radar. On the other hand, Virgos can come off as nit-picky, and that's absolutely the last thing that a sweet Cancer (who's just doing their best!) needs in a relationship.

What's more, as astrologer Elaine Dawn points out in her book Love Signs: Your Perfect Match is in the Stars, both Virgos and Cancers love to overthink. "Virgo gets caught up in minutiae, turning every situation over into a worst-case scenario. Similar, sensitive Cancer pays attention to subtle shifts in energy, noting even the smallest changes in body language or verbal intonation," Dawn wrote. "On a bad day, Virgo and Cancer will feed each other's anxieties, inciting even more fear and paranoia." And that presents a new, different problem: As a water sign, a Cancer will focus on the emotional aspect of the conflict, and as an earth sign, a Virgo will focus on the facts.

On another note, Virgos tend to be a bit kinky in bed (and there's data to prove it). Sexually speaking, a Virgo's tastes might be a huge departure from a Cancer's affinity for softness, tenderness, and cuddling. A Virgo-Cancer couple would definitely have to do some adjusting to make it all work.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

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Virgos and Leos aren't always compatible, but for a totally different reason than Virgo's incompatibility with Cancer. They're both hard-headed signs and staunchly set in their ways. "Virgo baffles Leo," Dawn explained. "This fire sign simply does not understand why Virgo is so risk-averse." Likewise, a Leo is constantly trying to turn up, whereas a Virgo is all about putting in work.

In practice, if a Leo-Virgo couple worked hard, Leo's fiery nature could bring out the fun in Virgo. And being an "earthy" earth sign, a Virgo could make a Leo a little more grounded. Of course, getting a kinky Virgo and a passionate Leo in bed together would make for a fun sexual dynamic, but still. Virgo and Leo have disparate approaches to life. "Due to this dissonance, it's not always easy to navigate a Virgo-Leo bond," Dawn wrote.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

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And lastly, Virgos might want to stay away from Sagittarians. Sure, they're both witty signs and would probably have flirty banter for days, but their approaches to the world (and particularly relationships) would be super incompatible. As Dawn put it, "Virgo loves to label and organize, and wildfire Sagittarius hates to feel contained." Again, Virgos are meticulous on a good day, but finicky on a bad one. A free-spirited, adventurous Sagittarius would probably feel like their Virgo partner is killing the vibe.

"Meanwhile, Virgo perceives Sagittarius' behavior as reckless, growing increasingly frustrated by [their] cavalier attitude," Dawn wrote. Again, a Virgo and a Sagittarius could bring something exciting and new to the table for the other person. But, on paper, these two couldn't be a less likely pair.

If you and your boo are a Virgo-Cancer, Virgo-Leo, or Virgo-Sagittarius couple, don't stress! Surely there's still plenty of compatibility in the rest of your birth chart. But next time you're arguing about vacation planning, feelings, life goals, or any other situation where you butt heads, consider keeping these tidbits about your astrological compatibility in mind.