Young woman during Saturn Retrograde 2021.

Every Zodiac Sign Will Feel The Unshakeable Effects Of Saturn Retrograde

It may be a little challenging.

by Valerie Mesa

This spring may feel bittersweet, especially given the retrograde cycles taking place at the moment. Pluto began its backward journey through Capricorn at the beginning of the season, and its oh-so-serious ruler, Saturn, will follow its lead. Don’t work yourself up too much, though — your Saturn retrograde 2021 horoscope is nothing like the retrograde energy you're used to, so it’s not comparable to the effects of Mercury retrograde or those of other personal planets. This cycle will only be slightly challenging.

Saturn — lord of karma; planet of boundaries, hierarchies, government systems, and structures — is a symbol of adulthood and limitations. It highlights the areas of life where you're prone to facing karmic duties. However, resisting your divine mission could become even more challenging. Themes surrounding blockages and fears also go hand in hand with Saturn, but this will only encourage you to work harder and level up.

All heavenly bodies hold a unique significance, and it is up to Saturn, aka Father Time, to teach the value of boundaries, discipline, integrity, and perseverance. The ruthless taskmaster stations retrograde every year for about four months, and this year it will begin its backward journey at exactly 13 degrees Aquarius on May 22. For reference, check which of the 12 astrological houses belong to this fixed air sign in your birth chart. This is where Saturn will challenge you to slow down, and take another look at what you've been working on this past year.

Remember, Saturn wants whatever you've been striving toward to be built on solid ground. Though things will start slowing down, it's all happening so you can review the karmic patterns taking place. In the end, you get what you give.

Here's what to expect during this year's Saturn retrograde, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Reflecting On Your Sense Of Belonging In The World

You better work, Aries. You've been in the process of restructuring everything from the foundation of your social media platforms to your professional network. With the help of Saturn retrograde, you're being given a second chance to reevaluate your hopes, wishes, and dreams. What needs work? How can you continue to put yourself out there?

Taurus: You're Bringing Stability To Your Professional Revolution

Things have been in a flux for a while, Taurus. With Saturn retrograde activating your career sector, you likely have some more work to do. Hovering over your 10th house of reputation, this retro cycle is presenting you with the opportunity to reflect on everything from your work ethic to your professional goals. Is your occupation aligned with your soul mission?

Gemini: You're Reflecting On Ways To Expand Your Horizons

What's next on your bucket list, Gemini? Whether you're considering the thought of taking the entrepreneurial route, or perhaps going back to school, Saturn retrograde is here to give you some much-needed tough love. What do you stand for? How are you making that known? Anything's possible with the right mindset and dedication, so get to work.

Cancer: You're Reevaluating Your Intimate Partnerships

Free yourself, Cancer. With Saturn backspinning through your intimate eighth house of mergers, debt, energetic exchanges, and soul bonds, there's an opportunity here for you to restructure the foundation of your financial, romantic, and spiritual unions. Are you being honest with yourself? How can you liberate yourself from entanglements that are no longer serving you?

Leo: You're Reworking The Dynamic Of Your Relationships

It takes two to tango, Leo. You've probably had a few hiccups in regards to your one-on-one relationships this year, but now it's time to really reflect on whether they'll actually make the cut. Saturn retrograde will challenge you to decide whether your partner serves a significant purpose in your life, especially if there hasn't been mutual growth.

Virgo: You're Finding Stability And Freedom In Your Routine

There's no such thing as perfect, Virgo. Is your day-to-day grind energizing you, or depleting you of your energy? With Saturn retrograde activating your responsible sixth house of health, daily duties, due diligence, and acts of service, you're being given the opportunity to take a step back and revolutionize your routine. Though it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, it's for your highest good.

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Libra: You're Checking In With Your Ego And Your Inner Child

Your happiness matters, Libra. Though things could feel somewhat burdensome for you as of late, Saturn retrograde — via your fifth house of authenticity, happiness, romance, and creativity — invites you to take a step back and reassess everything from your love life to your unique abilities. How has your ego been expressing itself as of late? What's no longer authentic?

Scorpio: You're Seeking Stability At Home And In Your Inner World

Hang in there, Scorpio. Growing pains are never easy to endure, but you know a thing or two about rising from the ashes. How have you been tending to your emotional needs? Do you feel at home in your current environment? Saturn retrograde — via your domestic fourth house of ancestors, roots, and sense of nourishment — is challenging you to revisit and rework what lacks stability in this area of your life.

Sagittarius: You're Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Your mindset isn't always working in your favor, Sagittarius. Where does this stem from? Naturally, with Saturn activating your third house of communication, you've been working on your mental pursuits, but what are you holding back? Saturn retrograde wants you to consider whether you're being authentic with your mind and voice.

Capricorn: You're Learning How To Find Comfort In The Chaos

Everything about the way you earn a living, as well as the talents you innately possess, is coming up for review, Capricorn. With Saturn retrograde igniting your comfort-seeking second house of values, security, and principles, you're being given the opportunity to reflect on ways to capitalize on your gifts, and own up to your worth.

Aquarius: You're Redefining Yourself And Setting Boundaries

It's no secret that you're in the midst of a significant transformation, Aquarius. Your traditional planetary ruler, Saturn, prefers to get down to business, and this retrograde cycle is challenging you to go inward in order to rediscover everything from your sense of self to your place in a relationship. Who are you really, and are you OK with that?

Pisces: You're Liberating Your Psyche From Residual Energies

What burdens have you been weighing your shoulders, Pisces? Your Saturn has been activating your secretive 12th house of unconscious patterns for quite some time now, alleviating you from self-sabotaging behaviors and unconscious patterns that aren't serving you. Saturn retrograde, however, will challenge you to reflect on subconscious beliefs and limitations that have been holding you back.