Retrograde Planets May 2021

3 Planets Will Retrograde In May — Including Mercury — So Good Luck

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You don't have to be an experienced astrologer to know that retrogrades are serious business. After all, they shift the energetic dynamic of the planet in question, causing them to radiate an entirely new vibration. Retrogrades invert a planet's potential, causing you to look inward as a result. The journey of a retrograde can be deeply enlightening, but it can also leave you feeling lost without a compass to guide you north. Luckily, you always end up finding your way back, and sometimes, you find yourself in an even more beautiful position than the one you were in before. If you're wondering what planets are retrograde during May 2021, I've got you covered.

A retrograde is when a planet begins to move backward in its trail throughout the zodiac. It's important to remember that a planet can't literally turn around in its orbit; it simply appears to do so from our perspective here on Earth. When it comes to astrology, it's the Earth's perspective that matters. After all, it's Earth that sits at the center of the zodiac. In fact, it's you who sits at its center.

Another important thing to remember — just because that one Mercury retrograde you experienced way back when was a drag doesn't mean every retrograde is going to be that way. Actually, the fears surrounding the danger of a planetary retrograde tend to be overblown. They may make things more challenging or inconvenient at times, but they also open doorways that weren't there before. For example, because Venus is the planet of love, Venus retrograde might create discord in your love life. However, it will also highlight earth-shattering truths about your relationship and the way you perceive relationships. Sometimes the truth hurts, but ultimately, it sets you free.

Here's how the month of May is looking in the retrograde department:


3 Planets Will Be Retrograde During The Month Of May

You're entering the month of May with a planet already in retrograde. Pluto retrograde began on April 27, and since Pluto is the planet of creation and destruction, it may even initiate a transformation within you. Pluto is also a planet of control, manipulation, and obsession. When Pluto is retrograde, it may have a more difficult time pulling strings the way it's used to. In fact, Pluto retrograde could reveal the unfair power dynamics in your life, encouraging you to stand up for yourself against bullies. If you yourself have been exerting too much control over something, you may be forced to loosen your grip. This retrograde will last until Oct. 6, making it less critical to your day-to-day life and more of an impact on your long-term growth.

The same can be said about Saturn retrograde, which will begin on May 23. Like Pluto, Saturn is also an outer planet, which means its retrograde may not feel as obvious as other planets. However, that doesn't mean you won't feel it. Saturn is the planet of hard work, commitment, and delayed gratification. That's why Saturn retrograde can be somewhat enjoyable, because it allows you to take a break from some of Saturn's more disciplinary qualities. Saturn retrograde is a chance to reflect on your work ethic and rethink the level of maturity behind your decisions. Luckily, since Saturn retrograde lasts until Oct. 10, you'll have plenty of time to do that.

The month ends with one final surprise. Mercury retrograde begins on May 29, coloring the beginning of June with its confusing yet fascinating energy. This Mercury retrograde takes place in Gemini — Mercury's home zodiac sign — making this Mercury retrograde a more traditional one. You can expect plenty of communication errors and distractions, but you can also expect some pretty genius revelations to come out of it.