Retrograde Planets April 2021

Only 1 Planet Will Retrograde This Month & It'll Cause A Tangible Shift

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Nothing makes people groan and whine faster than the word "retrograde." After all, it tends to accompany all the most inconvenient things that can happen. When something awful, unexpected, or strange occurs, it's only normal to wonder whether a planet is retrograde at the moment. However, the way a planetary retrograde can impact astrology is so vast that it shouldn't be thought of as simply a negative experience. In fact, a retrograde can actually be a positive and strengthening experience if you go with the flow and embrace the energy it's providing you with. So if you're wondering what planets are retrograde during April 2021, you can rest assured that retrogrades really aren't that bad.

The intensity and impact of a planetary retrograde all depends on the planet in question. For example, if the planet happened to be an inner planet (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), then you would probably feel the energy of this retrograde more directly. That is because inner planets have a stronger influence on your daily lives as they move through the zodiac wheel quickly and their retrogrades last just a few weeks. However, if you're dealing with an outer planet (Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto), then its retrograde should cause much less alarm. Outer planets move very slowly throughout the zodiac and they affect your life over a long period of time rather than on a regular basis. These retrogrades also last a much longer time (almost half the time in some cases).


What Does "Retrograde" Mean?

Even though "retrograde" technically means a planet moves backward in its trajectory throughout the zodiac wheel, that doesn't mean said planet is literally moving backward. That's why the proper terminology is "apparent retrograde motion," because a planet only appears to move backward in the sky from your perspective here on Earth. However, astrology is not astronomy, because what astrology cares about is your perspective here on Earth.

To give you a general understanding of what happens when a planet is retrograde, all it really means is that a planet's energy has been turned inward rather than outward. This may subdue some of its usual impact, transforming its function into something else entirely. For example, Uranus — planet of sudden shifts and innovation — is a planet that induces rebellion, erratic changes, and revolution. However, when Uranus is retrograde, it encourages you to change from within rather than evoke change around you.

Retrogrades can also bring up unfinished business from your past. As the planet moves backward in its tour through the zodiac, it moves over degrees that it has already moved over, which might cause themes to repeat themselves. That's why it's common for old friends and ex-lovers to contact you when Mercury — planet of communication — stations retrograde.

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Only 1 Planet Will Station Retrograde During April 2021

Without further ado, let's talk about the real reason you came here. The good news is that only one planet will station retrograde during the month of April 2021. This planet will not be an inner planet, which would make April a more unpredictable time. The planet in question is Pluto, an outer planet that will station retrograde as of April 27.

The span of Pluto's retrograde lasts about five months out of the year, according to Astrology King, which means this is energy you've dealt with for nearly half of your life. Therefore, it's nothing to really worry about. However, you will be able to feel a tangible shift.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, death, and rebirth. While retrograde, Pluto's energy is forced within you, encouraging you to say goodbye to all the toxic and manipulative patterns in your life. Pluto is a planet that likes to exert dominance, and when retrograde, its domineering power dissipates for a time, giving you a chance to understand how you've been controlling others and how you're being controlled in your own life. Pluto retrograde unveils abuses of power and encourages you to let go of its grip on you. Embrace its strengthening and rejuvenating effects.

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