Your 2021 Horoscope Looks A Heck Of A Lot Better Than 2020's

by Valerie Mesa
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What do you do when your whole world turns upside down? You work hard and push yourself to overcome challenges you have no choice but to endure. Similarly, now that you've conquered 2020, you have the resilience to move forward, and this is what your 2021 yearly horoscope is about: progress. Though there are a series of astrological aspects to consider and learn from, you'll be delighted to learn that the upcoming year's astro-weather will be a breeze compared to this past year's.

The future has never been as important as it will be in 2021, and it's all thanks to the age of the element air we're currently stepping into as a collective. Themes revolving around progress, revolution, and social movements will ultimately reign, but more importantly, it will be an opportunity to create a significant amount of change in the world as we know it. The relationship individuals have with Mother Earth and the planet at large will also be highlighted during this time.

The change we seek, both individually and collectively, starts and ends with us. Though there are pros and cons to the four elements, the mere fact of having generational planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto) transit through earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) throughout 2020 is one of the reasons why the energy felt stagnant and relentless. On a brighter note, however, this is precisely what brought us together and inspired the revolution that's about to take place.

The Great Conjunction — when Jupiter and Saturn joined forces in Aquarius for the first time in over 600 years — will inevitably dominate 2021's astrological essence, but this is only the beginning. Taskmaster Saturn is the planet of limits and structure; Jupiter magnifies everything that it comes in contact with; Aquarius is symbolic of society, revolution, and collective consciousness. Together, these planets will shift the focus from the material and tangible to the intellectual, but it will eventually face off with Aquarius' celestial ruler, Uranus, in Taurus.

Taurus is symbolic of comfort, values, and security, and Uranus is the planet of rebellion, chaos, and unexpected change. Since the cosmic rebel planet's shift into Taurus, there have a been a series of global crises, but maybe this is what is triggering people around the world to wake up and make a difference. Having said that, there will need to be a lot of change if we wish to continue residing on planet Earth, which is why I believe 2021 will enlighten us in more ways than one.

Here's what a brief overview of what 2021 has in store, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: Raise Your Voice And Tap Into Your Brilliant Mind

You're upgrading your mindset and surrounding yourself with like-minded groups of individuals who inspire and motivate you, Aries. The year 2021 will expand your personal and professional horizons, but you will have to learn to put your combative guard down in the process. Listen to what other people have to say — you might learn something.

Taurus: Get Down To Business And Take Charge Of Your Life

You're revolutionizing everything from your career and reputation to your money-making abilities and spending habits, Taurus. This year is all about redefining your value systems and beliefs around your self-confidence. Structure is important, but don't lose sight of your inner rebel, especially when it comes to your professional life.

Gemini: Rebrand Yourself And Redefine Your Purpose

Step into your power and sparkling authenticity, Gemini. Go back to school, venture into unknown territory, and invest in some self-promo. The year 2021 will definitely take you places, but you're going to have to work on the dynamic of your one-on-one relationships in the process. This year is about prioritizing the things you cherish, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Cancer: Let All The Baggage Go And Start Over

There's a wolf in your closet, Cancer; it's about time you let it free. That's what the year 2021 is all about for you. You're a shoulder for everyone to cry on, but what about you? It's time to embrace your past, confess your secrets, and admit your vulnerabilities. Your health and daily rituals will play a significant role in your life this year, so take care of yourself. More importantly, make sure to be yourself.

Leo: You Don't Need Your Pride Where You're Going

Lean on your peers, partners, and significant others more often, Leo. The year 2021 will highlight everything from your friendships to your ideals, but it's up to you to persevere toward your dreams and move forward. This year encourages you to open your heart and express yourself, despite your inhibitions. You get what you give, so reflect on the value of your energetic exchanges.

Virgo: Go Inward And Heal So Your Soul Can Contribute

You're going back in time to where it all began so you can find the courage to start again, Virgo. The world needs your brilliant mind and divine charms more than ever, and this fact is made very clear in 2021. This year will bestow you with the confidence to move forward and persevere toward your personal and professional goals. Make peace with uncertainty and welcome the change that's necessary.

Libra: Expand, Explore, And Discover Your Individual Truth

Carpe diem is your vibe this year, Libra. Your innate curiosities will take the wheel and inspire you to expand your personal horizons this year. Venturing into unknown territory is inevitable, so you might as well start mentally preparing. Your people-pleasing days are numbered, and you're finally finding the courage to speak your truth. Love is always available when you're around, as long as you've learned from your mistakes.

Scorpio: Put Your Guard Down And Show Us Your True Colors

Despite your enigmatic personality, you'll soon learn that being authentic is the only way to live, Scorpio. This year will shed light on everything from your psychological burdens to your early foundations, but this is where you will confront your own shadows and heal. This year will encourage you to stop taking things out on your poor credit card and help you come to terms with what you truly value.

Sagittarius: Stop Being So Terrified Of Commitment

When all else fails, you always have someone to lean on, Sagittarius. Despite the innate pressure of having the south node in your sign, the year 2021 invites you to find freedom in your one-on-one partnerships, without shying away from the obvious. Everything from your early upbringing to your beliefs around partnerships will come up for review. It's time to create a healthy balance in your life and in your relationships.

Capricorn: Get Organized, But Don't Be Afraid To Rebel

You're not the same person you used to be — and that's progress. The year 2021 will highlight everything from your daily rituals to your beliefs around values and financial security. It's a time to cultivate more compassion for yourself and let go of that which stifled your hope, freedom, and enthusiasm once upon a time.

Aquarius: Be Bold, Unique, And As Unconventional As Possible

There's no such thing as being alienated when you're capable of shining brighter than the cosmos, Aquarius. The year 2021 will not only empower you, but also challenge you to be the best you can be. No one said it was going to be easy, but you have what it takes. Relationships, collaborations, and friendships will also come up for review, but it's all about doing the work and staying true to you. Growth is inevitable — in more ways than one.

Pisces: Stop Sleeping On Yourself And Make Your Debut

It's time go out there, chase your dreams, and show the world what you're really made of, Pisces. Ideologies and beliefs around career, authority, and reputation will be highlighted, especially if you haven't taken the necessary risks in your professional life. What's stopping you from persevering toward your soul's truth? What once stifled your freedom will no longer fit into this dimension. This year will invite you to build a stable home within and all around you. You are safe, brilliant, and so worthy.

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