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If You're Any Of These Zodiac Signs, The Year 2021 Will Bring You Luck & Bounty

by Valerie Mesa

After a tumultuous year, sadly filled with a series of trials and tribulations, it's now time to turn the page. Every year has its own essence, but with the Age of Aquarius, there will only be room for collective consciousness and intellectual breakthroughs. Fortunately, 2021 will be the best year for three zodiac signs: Gemini, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Whether you consider yourself to be the superstitious type, or simply prefer looking to the stars for validation, one thing is certain: There will never be another year like 2020. (At least, I sincerely hope not.) The astro-weather happening in the year 2021 hardly compares to the transits we had no choice but to endure all throughout the previous 366 days.

Though there are undeniable pros and cons when it comes to the four elements, the mere fact of having generational planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto) transit through earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) is one of the reasons why the energy felt stagnant, relentless, and heavy with mood.

The electric synergy stemming from The Great Conjunction (in which Jupiter and Saturn joined forces in Aquarius for the first time in over 600 years) will inevitably dominate 2021's astrological essence, but this is just the beginning. Saturn is the planet of limits and structure; Jupiter magnifies everything that it comes in contact with; Aquarius is symbolic of society, revolution, and collective consciousness. Together, these two powerhouse planets will shift our focus from the material and tangible (earth) to the intellectual, but it will eventually face off with Aquarius' planetary ruler, Uranus, amidst its transit through another fixed sign, Taurus. This will highlight everything from society's relationship with the planet at large to the changes needed to continue residing on planet Earth. It will be a year of innovation, change, and rebellion, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here's why 2021 will be a lucky year for Gemini, Capricorn, and Aquarius:

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Gemini: You're Stepping Into The Best Version Of Yourself

You'd think having the North Node in your sign all throughout 2021 would be enough, but this isn't the only astrological transit working in your favor this year, Gemini. In addition to stepping into your power and sparkling authenticity, Jupiter and Saturn will join forces in your expansive ninth house of faith, opportunity, education, and travel. So, whether you decide to enroll in school or book the trip of a lifetime (depending on the state and safety of travel), there's no denying the fact that you're going places this year.

Capricorn: You're Manifesting The Abundance You Deserve

Take a load off, Capricorn. You survived one of the most challenging years in history, which is especially true for a cardinal earth sign like yourself. The year 2021, however, will take you out of the hot seat, and encourage you to cultivate wealth, happiness, and romance. Having Jupiter and your planetary ruler, Saturn, light up your security-seeking second house of values, income, and comfort should be interesting, as it will inspire you to take unconventional routes and think outside the box.

Aquarius: You're Vibing With The Cosmos And It Shows

You're the celestial favorite this year, Aquarius. Though it's not every day you have bountiful Jupiter — the planet of abundance, fortune, luck, and expansion — working in your favor, it's certainly not every day you have your traditional planetary ruler, Saturn, transit your zodiac sign, simultaneously. Sure, blessings are inevitable with Jupiter in the mix, but Saturn isn't going to let you cruise by without a fight. In fact, the oh-so-serious taskmaster will challenge you in more ways than one, but it's all for the best. Having said that, this is an opportunity for you to work diligently toward your goals, despite how unorthodox and/or eccentric. Your rebellious nature will be the reason you shine this year.