How To Improve Your Luck, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Feeling not-so-lucky? It's the season of leprechauns, and you really don't want to wait until St. Patrick's Day weekend to cash in your pot of gold. Looking for rainbows is so much easier in the spring — with all of those April showers right around the corner and all. But, your life might be in some serious need of luck, and you're willing to try just about anything to get the good vibes. If you're wondering how to improve your luck, the universe (per usual) has all of the answers. Based on your zodiac sign, there's one thing you should be doing, if looking for clovers just isn't quite cutting it.

In an ideal situation, Lucky Charms cereal would only have marshmallows and we'd always have unlimited wishes. On St. Patrick's Day you'll be going green with your crew, and you can't help but think that if you get extra festive you'll surely find what you're looking for.

You're crossing all your fingers, and rubbing all of the magic lamps you can find. Suddenly, you're much more superstitious than you remember, and hoping the stars align soon. You have that big exam next week, or you're seriously crushing hard on someone and need the extra sparks. Whatever it may be, you may find yourself hoping the world has something good in store.

Truth is, though, you can totally take your luck and your fate in your own two hands. According to the stars, here's what you should be doing to attract a lucky kind of life.

Aries: Be Open-Minded

Oh, Aries. You always have your head in the game. But, sometimes this means that you're so focused and driven that you might forget about life outside of your goals. Maybe you leave people behind in the dust, or take on every challenge with an independent nature. Whatever it may be, you should consider being more open-minded.

Being lucky is all about changing your perspective, and the more opportunities your mind and soul let in, the better it will be. Try listening to other people's ideas the next time you get stuck on a group project, or letting someone else take the lead. It will be tricky, but so worth it.

Taurus: Compliment Someone Every Day

Taurus, you love to surround yourself with love and beauty. So, odds are this task won't be too tricky for you. The problem is, a lot of the love that's around you was also created with your two hands. Being able to see all of your hard work pay off has always been your favorite, but now it's time to recognize someone else's accomplishments, too.

When you're walking down the street, maybe get a little out of your comfort zone, and tell that person that you like their outfit. You could even just show your bestie a little extra appreciation and thank them for all that they do for you. People will always take a compliment with open arms, and your luck will surely improve because of all the good vibes you're sending out into the world.

Gemini: Make Decisions

Gemini, you need to get a little more decisive if you're looking to get lucky. I think indecisiveness is something we all face at one time or another. Whether it's picking out just the right outfit to impress your crush, or deciding if you're going to stay in on a Saturday night or go out with your girls — you're feeling stuck. You probably start polling the people around you, hoping that they'll have all the answers, and looking to the stars. The only thing the universe will tell you today, is that making decisions will seriously improve your luck.

Start with the small things, and take time to realize how much more confident and in control you feel when you're taking charge of your life and not leaving everything up to other people. You're amazing at adapting to others, but don't lose yourself in the process.

Cancer: Get Social

You tend to keep your personal life private, Cancer, and that's totally OK. But, sometimes sharing stories and experiences helps you make connections with others, and doesn't always land in criticism.

Truth is, nobody can go at this life alone and if you're looking to get luckier, you'll need some help from your favorite people. The odds are always better when you and your crew are covering more ground in the game. And I'm sure you could convince them to play. Push yourself into more social situations, and speak up when you have something amazing to share. It's so easy to stay in and snuggle up on the couch, especially when your favorite movies are on. But, getting social will get you lucky as well.

Leo: Accept Some Criticism

Leo, you know you're one of the best and brightest out there. But, the universe believes that in order to get some luck, you may need to back down and little bit. Kendrick Lamar said it best: "Be humble." Maybe let somebody else take center stage for once.

Accepting some criticism is never easy, especially when you're as creative and social as you are. Nobody likes to hear the bad, but it makes the good that much better. In all honesty, being aware of your strengths and weaknesses will help you become an even greater version of yourself.

Virgo: Don't Overthink Things Too Much

Overthinking is overrated, Virgo. On the one hand, it always means you've paid attention to the littlest of details. On the other, however, it tends to land you in some sticky situations — and you rarely find what you're looking for. The universe knows that thoughts really shouldn't linger for too long, and that you should let go of the ones that are attracting all the bad vibes if you're looking for some luck.

You're an Earth sign, so the best way to clear your head is honestly to get outside. There's nothing that a mountaintop can't put into perspective, and the fresh air will leave you with an even fresher mind — and, dare I say, some luck as well.

Libra: Embrace Karma

Honestly, Libra, out of all the signs in the zodiac you're probably one of the luckiest. Your naturally positive mind and social spirit means that you're always attracting the good vibes and sending them out into the world, too. However, sometimes this gets the best of you because karma has a purpose and a passion.

You've, on several occasions, probably put in more effort in your relationships than you got back, or didn't handle a problem just to avoid the downfall that you thought would follow. Embracing these difficult moments, as well, won't be easy — but will leave you feeling much more confident in yourself. Sometimes it's necessary to stand up for what you believe in and the thoughts going through your mind. Let karma handle the rest, and know that what goes around, deserves to come back around.

Scorpio: Surround Yourself With Positive People

Scorpio — you trust the people in your life who have been there for a long time the most, because you know their personalities and where they're coming from. But, in order to get luckier, you'll have the surround yourself with positive people who just don't attract any distrusting vibes.

These are the people who are going to lift you higher, instead of tearing you down. Sure, some criticism is always good, but secrets and such never make for the best of friends. And you'll want to cleanse your life of all of that energy before letting in all of the luck.

Sagittarius: Stick To Your Purpose

You're a carefree soul, Sagittarius. At any given moment, you're probably following your heart and your passport over the logic that sits on the left side of your mind. And so far, it's taken you on some pretty amazing adventures. But a lot of your wandering might be in hopes of finding your passion. The universe and I both believe that if you haven't already, you're getting really close — and that once you're sure of it, you can't ever let it go.

Truth is, you're not the most consistent person in your crew by any means. Sticking to something so clearly might be a little out of your comfort zone. (Shocking, right? There are few things you wouldn't do on this planet.) In the long run, channeling all of this energy with such drive and ambition will land you a lot of luck and make your life feel oh-so-fulfilled.

Capricorn: Establish A Lucky Routine

You're all about traditions, Capricorn. So, adding a good luck charm into the mix seems fairly simple. It's like all of those sports fans who religiously wear the same jersey for every game, or feast on spaghetti if their team is playing on the home field. From the outside, it can seem quite superstitious. But, from the universe's point-of-view, it's really not a bad idea.

Establishing your very own lucky routine will bring a lot of good fortune to your life. Maybe you'll get into the self-care Sunday ritual, or just always follow the same steps when you're getting ready to give a big presentation at work. They say your vibe attracts your tribe, and these little things will surely bring a squad of good luck to your life.

Aquarius: Ditch Any Drama

When has any drama ever done you good, Aquarius? In your friend group, you're always the one dissolving the problems of other people. Maybe it's because you just don't care enough about what other people think to let it stop you from being your best you. Truth is, the world will want to be quick to take hold of your one-of-a-kind energy.

To bring in all of the good luck, you'll want to leave any sticky situations behind. You've always been good at doing your own thing, and this time you'll want to once again take the road less traveled — the high road. Sort out the small things, but don't waste your time on the bigger problems that aren't yours to solve, especially if you're looking for luck.

Pisces: Work Hard At What You Do

Find your passion project, Pisces, and give it everything you've got. It's so easy for you to fall into the lazy lifestyle at times, and the world really can't blame you. Sometimes, days when you can take your mornings slow and sleep in until noon are so ideal. But, if you're looking to upgrade your luck, then you'll want to ditch some habits and get the worm before the early bird.

Instead of taking shortcuts in your life, put some extra effort into handling situations with purpose. It won't always be easy, but it's a lot better than spending your time looking for an escape route. When you work hard, you feel so much better about playing hard — and the luck will come so naturally.