7 Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Life If You're Lazy & Want To Get Organized

Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

Spring fever is so real. Maybe you're waiting on the warmer weather, or just craving the days you can spend in shorts and sandals. It's pretty obvious that many of us are seriously over winter. The season when everything is blooming is often known as the time to get a little refreshed. People seem to save their most dreaded projects for the sunshine, because suddenly they're feeling so much more motivated. All of those New Year's resolutions are finally getting their time to shine, and you're ready to leave your lazy lifestyle behind. These ways to spring clean your life will go beyond just hitting the gym or getting rid of the dust, and will get you a little organized. Believe it or not, it's much easier than you think.

So, you're lazy. Welcome to the club. Especially when it's cold outside, it's so hard to get ourselves out of bed in the morning. Bundling up in blanket scarves just isn't the same as staying all cuddled up in our sheets. But, it's necessary if we want to make the most of the day. We won't ever make our passions our paychecks if we don't go out in the world and find our purpose. Quite the pep talk, huh?

Break the bad habit and start getting your life together with one of these seven easy ways to spring clean your life. You won't want to leave your messes until summer.

Purchase A Planner

Alright, let's start easy. Getting organized this spring should start with your schedule. You have a million to-do lists stored in your mind, and passion projects that you hope you'll feel motivated to start some day. Take it out of your head and put in on paper, to really make yourself stick to your lifestyle goals.

During my busiest semester, I so relied on my planner to keep the clutter out of my mind. There's a weird satisfaction that comes with checking things off at the end of the day. Rifle Paper Co. has a ton of cute floral options, if you're looking for something affordable to kickstart your cleaning.

Declutter Your Closet

Your closet is probably filled with clothes you don't even wear anymore. Those sweaters from high school, the shoes that only go with that one outfit, and the jeans you wore once but swear will come in handy some day — they're all still there, and taking up so much unnecessary space.

The typical rule of thumb I like to follow is: if you haven't worn it in the past year, get rid of it. You don't have to totally throw it in the trash. If it's good quality, I highly suggest either taking it to a consignment shop where you can score some extra cash, or donating it so it will find a new forever home. Not every purchase ends up how we originally planned, and decluttering your life this spring starts with ditching some clothes.

Do Those Dreaded Updates

I dodge my technology updates like it's my job (and I know I'm not the only one.) Unless there are new emojis in the mix, I actively avoid the notifications on my phone until the last possible moment when it's inevitably glitching beyond belief. But, spring cleaning your life means doing the things you dread so that everything is a little easier later on.

Take an afternoon to download and install all the latest updates, and maybe even back up your camera roll if you're feeling a little motivated. Your future self will thank you for not being so lazy, and you'll feel wildly less stressed when you don't have to worry about a potential technology meltdown.

Stay Off Social Media

There's nothing quite as distracting as social media. If you're on a mission to spring clean your life, ditch the screens and find a different focus. It's so easy to sit on our phones and scroll endlessly for hours. What starts with liking a few posts, turns into finding ourselves in the depths of our feed and realizing it's now dark outside.

Even if it's just for a week, let your mind wander in different spaces. Get off the grid, and be more aware of your surroundings. Real face time is actually so much better than snapping some selfies.

Prep And Plan Your Meals

Clean eating can be essential to living a more organized life. When our bodies are fueled with good energy, we're so much more ready to take on every experience thrown our way. Our minds feel refreshed, and we turn into foodies over every meal. If you're looking to do some spring cleaning, start with doing what's best for your body.

Maybe try a meal delivery service, look for some meal prep ideas on Pinterest, or let someone plan the eating out for you. Juice Press, in particular, provides you with a clean eating plan that you can follow full of fresh superfood smoothies, salads, soups, and of course — juice. With a subscription, you can do some spring cleaning and live a healthier (and less lazy) lifestyle.

Take Off Your Makeup

If you're already sort of lazy, your morning makeup routine may be pretty simple. It might consist of some mascara and your go-to tube of gloss. But, if you opt to use more products on your face, don't sleep on the importance of taking off your makeup after a long day at work. You'll feel so much more refreshed the next morning.

Deal With The Drama

It's time to handle the elephant in the room. Relationships and friendships can both be hard. Instead of avoiding it (almost like those dreaded phone updates), face your problems and watch your life get more organized in the process.

Being 20-something can be messy enough. I mean, think about all the things you're trying to figure out. You need reliable sidekicks with you every step of the way, and so spreading some love instead of hate and figuring out how to handle situations with your friends will be key. Sure, this could be a very big step in the world of adulting — but you'll instantly appreciate the results of getting your affairs in order. Spring cleaning isn't just about planners, so it's time to get organized in every aspect of your life.