7 Foolproof Things To Do Every Day If You're Tired Of Being Lazy AF

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Being lazy can be oh-so-lovely. Until you start letting life pass you by, and not living to your full potential, then suddenly, it's not so good anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love my weekends when I can stay snuggled up in bed just a bit longer. Hitting snooze before brunch is so ideal, and napping is one of my favorite afternoon activities after work. I'm almost always running late, and love making chicken nuggets for dinner. But, it's just a bad habit, and there are things to do every day if you're lazy, if you're so tired of wasting your own time.

On my laziest days, I listen to Kid President's pep talk. There's something about a little kid telling you to do something awesome that makes you want to change the world and follow all of your passions. Giving the world a reason to dance isn't always easy — but you have to start somewhere. And you should never let yourself be the biggest obstacle in your way.

Sometimes, being lazy isn't that extreme, though. It can simply be not taking out the trash in time, or getting gas before the light comes on in your car (Guilty.). We can let the little things go, and still be going after our bigger goals. Whatever your situation may be, set out to break your bad habits with these seven things.

Set An Intention

In yoga, at the start of each practice, they tell you to set an intention. It's supposed to be something simple that you can come back to throughout your time on the mat and during your day. If you're lazy, giving yourself a goal and sticking to it will be such a good form of guidance.

Maybe you want to get a good workout in, or just say, "hi" to a passing stranger and be a friendly face. It can be something easy, or make you dive head-first into an experience. The key is to hold yourself to it, especially if you want to be less lazy.


Take a moment to let your mind wander. When you're lazy, it's hard to stay focused, and you end up letting a lot of things pass you by. Finding your center with meditation and doing a little soul-searching will give you that mental motivation you need.

My favorite time to meditate is first thing in the morning, or at night. Sometimes, its particularly good post-workout as well. Balancing my breathing and channeling my surrounds helps me start my day right and sleep a little better. You don't necessarily have to meditate regularly, but even just calming your mind for five minutes every day will make this habit incredibly effective and help break your bad habits.

Make Your Bed

This one's simple, and a foolproof way to not spend your time sleeping. Every morning, no matter what time you wake up, take an extra minute to make your bed. It's amazing how this easy step will make you feel so much more ready to take on the day, and maybe even a little relaxed.

When we're lazy, we tend to procrastinate life's problems and stay a little messy most of the time. It can be fairly stressful, because when we do finally face it all, we don't know where to start. You don't have to get your life completely together and organize everything you own to live a little less lazy. Just make your bed in the morning, and see where the motivation takes you next.

Get Outside

Fresh air is a no longer lazy person's best friend. Like drinking water everyday, getting outside is incredibly important to our minds and bodies. It keeps us grounded and inspires us instantly. Think of people who travel the world on the reg. They have such roots in seeing and experiencing everything. If you're lazy, channel that lifestyle.

In winter, getting outside can be particularly hard because we just want to bundle up with our blankets and stay where it's warm. On days when the forecast isn't so freezing, throw on an extra sweater and surround yourself with the outdoors.

Make A Meal

Pull out the cookbooks. Oh boy, do we love pizza, and it's so easy to have your favorite foods delivered right to your door. But, ordering takeout on the reg is blowing your budget and your body could always use a nice home-cooked meal.

During your laziest times, you've probably spent hours on the couch watching Chopped, like me. So, you're really no rookie the kitchen. You know what ingredients and spices work well together, for the most part — and if you don't, well that's what the Internet is for.

Everyday make yourself a real meal. Breakfast food can be pretty easy, and Tuesdays should always call for tacos. You don't have to be a gourmet to eat good, but you'll find that cooking for yourself feels really good and will break you of your lazy ways.

Have A Screen-Free Conversation

On an average day, you probably spend hours scrolling through social media and send a bunch of texts. Truth is, it's so easy to get caught up in screens and trade technology for actual face time.

Our generation loves traveling the globe, but we're also commonly judged for being terrible in social situations due to our screen soulmates. If you're feeling like your phone is low-key taking over your life, then try and have a screen-free conversation everyday — or at least phone a friend, for real. Odds are, your device is adding to your laziness.

Do Something Different

Life starts when you get out of your comfort zone. When you're lazy, you tend to stick to the same bad habits. You lay in bed for a little too long every morning and don't quite put in the effort you probably should.

Dare to do something different. Whether it's getting out in the world and actually trying something new like rock climbing, painting, or a new coffee shop — get totally spontaneous with your life. You'll feel so much less stuck.

Also consider challenging yourself to do your day-to-day things differently. Instead of leaving that paper to the last-minute, or letting the dishes pile up in the sink, hit the library for an hour and wash them right after you make that meal. Being lazy can be lovely sometimes, but you're so ready to start making moves.