These Fitness Hacks Are So Lazy, You'll Forget That You're Actually Working Out

by Georgina Berbari

I don't know about you guys, but my life is freaking hectic. As much as I want to carve out a full hour at the gym every day, it's just not realistic most of the time. And even when my schedule isn't super busy, it can still be tedious to summon the motivation to actually go to the gym. We could all benefit from having a few lazy fitness hacks in our back pockets, because while we may want all the benefits that come with a regular workout routine, it's not always that simple or attainable.

Let's be real: Staying active and crushing all of your fitness goals can be intimidating AF, especially if you're setting yourself up with unrealistic expectations that will ultimately lead to disappointment and discouragement. But if you start small, and add some low-key mindful movement into your life here and there, eventually, you'll begin to crave the feeling of being active more and more, and working out will begin to feel second-nature.

Try implementing these 15 laid-back fitness hacks into your everyday routine to make sure mindful movement is always a part of your life, even if you don't have time to make it to the gym — or, you know, even if you just don't feel like it.

Work Out In Bed
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Yes, working out in bed is totally a thing, and it's the most gloriously lazy way to strengthen your muscles without actually moving all that much.

You can sculpt your core, legs, and arms all atop your fluffiest pillow and within the comfort of your fuzziest blanket. Dreams do come true.

Walk Around During Long Phone Calls

If you're planning to chat with your long-distance BFF for an hour or so, go for a walk while you're doing it. Talking with your forever friend will make the time fly by, and you'll have your daily workout done by the time you hang up.

Lay Out Your Workout Clothes The Night Before

Sometimes the sheer thought of getting ready for a workout is just too damn much, amirite?

But if you have your fav Lululemon leggings and your most supportive sports bra already picked out, you basically have no excuses but to throw on those bad boys and get moving.

Stop Saying Yes To Sh*t You Hate

Why say yes to workouts that don't make you feel your best? That's just a waste of time (and sometimes a hefty amount of money).

Find movement that makes you feel like a million bucks, and stick with it no matter what. Remember, everyone's different, and you won't necessarily be into that cycling class your BFF loves so much. Find what works for you, and only you.

Recruit A Buddy To Hold You Accountable

On the days when you know moving your body would make you feel great after the fact, but you just can't get yourself off the couch, make sure you have a friend who won't be afraid to give you some tough love and hold you accountable for your workout.

Sometimes, all you really need is that "get your lazy ass out of bed" text to get it together.

Turn Everyday Activities Into Workouts

Seriously, things like grocery shopping, cleaning, and taking the stairs all count as forms of exercise.

Ditch the elevator whenever you have the chance, and you'll basically be able to turn your life into one big StairMaster. Look at you go.

Quality Over Quantity Is Key
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A lot of the time, working out can feel like such a chore simply because it takes up so much of your freaking time. As I'm sure you know firsthand, an hour can be a lot to spare on a busy day.

HIIT workouts (aka high-intensity interval training) only require about 10 to 15 minutes of your time, and they're just as effective as a lengthier sweat sesh. I won't lie to you, it'll be a difficult 15 minutes, but like I said, quality over quantity, my friend.

Work Out During Your Favorite TV Show

Listen, I know you always make time in your day to watch This Is Us or Grey's Anatomy. If you know I'm talking about you right now, try throwing in some planks or tricep dips on the couch during the commercial breaks for multi-tasking at its finest.

Reward Yourself For Showing Up

When you challenge your body with regular workouts, it's essential to remember to reward yourself for putting in that hard work.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure, or treat yo'self to those leggings that make you feel sexy AF when you put them on. You deserve it!

Stay Active In The Office

Staying active right at your desk doesn't mean you have to cause a scene and be known as that co-worker for the rest of your career.

Trust me, wildly simple things like secretly squeezing your glutes at your desk can go a long way.

Remember To Rest Your Body When You Need To

Rest days are so important, as they help you avoid an otherwise inevitable feeling of burnout, and it helps you make sure you're not doing too much, too fast.

Look, there's nothing easier than doing absolutely nothing, so good thing it's required, right?

Keep A Progress Journal

Since you're with yourself every day of your life, it's easy to overlook the incredible progress that you've made over time.

You might not even notice how far you've come in your fitness journey unless you take that time for self-reflection, so be sure to keep a progress journal to record your victories and accomplishments.

Make More Time For Your Beauty Sleep

Getting enough sleep is absolutely essential when it comes to having enough energy to power through your most challenging workouts.

Make sure you're shutting off your electronics before bed to allow your mind to wind down at the end of the day, and maybe even try incorporating essential oils in your nighttime routine for totally blissful slumber.

Fuel Your Sweat Sessions With Yummy Snacks

Make sure you eat balanced snacks or meals before and after your workouts to ensure that you're helping your muscles and bones recover properly. Try bananas with almond butter, or hummus with a warm pita for prime yumminess.

Set Smaller And More Realistic Goals

As badass as it might seem to be able to pump out 100 push-ups or do 20 consecutive pull-ups right off the bat, it's not always realistic to hold yourself to those standards.

Start small when it comes to figuring out what you want to accomplish, and you might just surprise yourself with how quickly you progress with the help of a little self-love, patience, and consistency.