These Workouts Are So Lazy, You Don't Even Have To Get Out Of Bed To Do Them

by Georgina Berbari

Getting out of your warm, cozy bed to hit up the gym is a struggle and a f*cking half. Seriously, there are times when the thought of parting from my favorite fuzzy pillow legit makes me nauseous, especially when it means entering an overcrowded and way-too-sweaty fitness center. Luckily, it's pretty easy to beat the system and bask in all of your slothful glory with some lazy workouts to do in bed. And, I know it may not seem like it, but these exercises will actually make you feel like you did something productive for the day.

Honestly, bed is bae. And the way I see it, it's pretty freaking rude to part with something that literally does nothing but keep you warm, safe, and cozy every damn night (or day, if naps are your jam).

So, in the name of embracing every ounce of your inner laziness, by all means, stay in your bed as long as possible, fam. Take comfort — both literally and figuratively — in the fact that you don't even have to sacrifice your physical fitness while you indulge in your laziness, because there are actually so many workouts you do right atop your mattress.

Try these 10 bed-friendly workouts so that the next time someone starts throwing major shade your way when you said you stayed in bed all day, you can confidently say that you were lazy in the most productive way possible.

Glute Bridges For Your Lazy Butt
LivestrongWoman on YouTube

Squeezing in a few sets of glute bridges while you're chillin' on top of your duvet will improve your posture, strengthen your butt muscles, correct any muscular imbalances you might have, and work the entirety of your lower back and core.

Plus, you can plop right down and squeeze in a power nap afterward. #Winning.

Butterfly Crunches To Challenge Your Core
FITNESS Magazine on YouTube

Core stability is the name of the game with butterfly crunches. Not only is this move super lazy, but the diamond-shaped positioning of your legs will ease any unnecessary tension in your back and stretch out your hammies a bit. Being a lazy sloth has never felt so damn good.

Slow And Steady Roll-Ups
Howcast on YouTube

For this move, all you have to do is convince yourself, just for a moment, to lift your body up from a lying-down position — easy enough, right?

This pilates-based exercise can help increase blood flow and circulation, strengthen your spine, and it even stretches out your hamstrings — multi-tasking to the max.

Jack-Knives For A Little Bit Of Ab Heat
Rebecca Blankfield on YouTube

This might be a lazy move, but trust me, your lower abs will get a little heated with this workout, and your body probably won't even see this sh*t coming because you'll be relaxing in the comfort of your cozy bed.

In addition to your abs, jack-knives also work your torso and even your legs. The word "lazy" is taking on a whole new meaning here, guys.

Leg-Lengthening Scissor Kicks
expertvillage on YouTube

Adding some scissor kicks into your bed-ridden exercise routine might seem pretty easy at first, but after a few flutters, your hip flexors will be on fire (in the best way possible, of course).

This workout inspires stability, better posture, and improved balance throughout your entire body. Get to it, girl!

Shoulder-Building Dolphin Planks
Jennifer Wood on YouTube

OK, so you're going to have to flip over onto your stomach for this mildly challenging exercise, but it'll be worth it, I promise.

Dolphin planks are effective AF for strengthening your shoulder muscles, legs, chest, core, and lower back. Plus, you'll enjoy a nice total-body stretch in between reps.

Donkey Kicks For Total-Body Stability
LivestrongWoman on YouTube

If your booty isn't too sore from those glute bridges earlier, consider incorporating some donkey kicks into your mattress-friendly workout circuit.

And, fun fact, this bad boy doesn't just work your glutes. Think about it this way: Your glutes are what help you and your body stay upright and stable all day, so this workout actually helps the entire functionality of your body, meaning you'll be better equipped to do everyday activities (that is, if you ever get out of bed).

Shoulder Taps Will Test Your Limits A Little
Howcast on YouTube

While you might only notice your triceps and shoulders being challenged while you're pumping out some plank shoulder taps alongside your pillow, you're actually working your abs, glutes, quads, and lower back, as well.

Take it as slow or as fast as you'd like when you're performing this plank variation. Personally, I'm going to stay on the slow side, because laziness is a lifestyle, after all.

Locust Lifts To Engage Your Back
Ekhart Yoga on YouTube

Since you're lying on your stomach for this exercise, you might be tempted to, well, just go to sleep, but try a couple of locust lifts before you snooze, my friend.

This killer workout will strengthen your spine, glutes, and the backs of your arms and legs, while also stretching out your shoulders and chest. You can nap after you're done, I promise.

Russian Twists To Wrap It All Up
Howcast on YouTube

Finish off your lazy day workout by focusing on your obliques with some core-centric Russian twists. With a few simple sets of this workout, your balance might be challenged a bit, but your lower back will enjoy some major lovin'.

Can you believe you just did that all from your freaking bed? Mind. Blown.