These 5 Low-Intensity Workouts Are What Your Lazy Fitness Dreams Are Made Of

by Georgina Berbari

You know how it seems like everyone around you is going hard in the gym, busting out those HIIT circuits, slaying SoulCycle rides, and beasting it up at bootcamp? But TBH, you're just not about that high-intensity lifestyle -- and may even be guilty of googling how to get in shape with the least amount of effort possible (we've all been there at one point or another).

While some people might not see the point of exercising unless their vision is blurred by sweat and their legs are literally trembling, science says it's totally possible to chill out and reach your gym goals through what's called low-intensity steady state (LISS) exercise.

A recent study from the University of Bath found LISS (which entails any form of moderate exercise) can actually just be just as effective as high-intensity training when it comes to achieving your #GymGoals.

So say goodbye to that "go hard or go home" fitness mindset, and try these five low-intensity exercises that will get you into shape without breaking a sweat.

1. Bike To Work

If you're not pedaling it out like you're in the Tour de France, or cycling as aggressively as when your jam comes on at SoulCycle, leisurely biking is ideal for your next low-intensity workout.

Try biking to work, a date with your girl friends, or when you need to pick up just a few essentials from the grocery store.

2. Walk Your Dog

I always dreamed that my dog would be obedient enough to join me for a nice stroll around the block, but alas, he couldn't care less about my fitness goals.

However, if you have a peaceful pooch, taking him around the neighborhood a few times is perfect for your next low-impact workout.

3. Hop On The Rowing Machine

CrossFitters may have given rowing a rep for being intense as hell, but it's actually a great workout if you're looking for something with minimal effort.

Plus, you can totally utilize the heart rate monitor on the machine to make sure you're in the perfect zone for not working too hard.

Subtract your age from 220, and use 60 to 70 percent of that number for your ideal low-intensity range.

4. Cruise On The Elliptical

Make sure you're cruising at a steady pace as you go, and feel free to throw on your favorite Netflix show, or tune into that podcast you missed last week.

While the elliptical can be part of a more aggressive sweat sesh, if you pedal at a super casual pace for 40 to 60 minutes (the optimal amount of time you want to perform LISS activities), this underrated gym machine will be your new BFF.

5. Swim A Few Laps

Channel those effortless doggy-paddle vibes for some low-intensity laps around the pool.

Pain- and resistance-free, swimming can be an excellent full-body workout, and there's no denying how good that water feels in this summer heat.