7 Easy & Attainable Ways To Be More Spontaneous With Your Life This Year


Take the leap and dare to be different. We're not all so spontaneous. Usually, out of all the star signs, our Sagittarius friends are the most willing to dive head first into life's adventures. Maybe we're scared of what people might think, or just feel stuck in our current situation. Whatever's stopping us, we need to leave behind in last year. You might be wondering how to be more spontaneous this year — where does one even start? Truth is, it can be fairly simple and you don't need to be a daredevil to make your life a dream.

When we're spontaneous, we're truly making the most of life and getting out of our comfort zone. Like traveling to a foreign land or taking up a new language, we learn a lot about ourselves when we give in to adventure and go with the flow.

It's stressful to live by our schedules because it's oh-so-unnatural. You'll never make unforgettable memories just laying in bed, spending hours in the library, or feeding into the latest friend drama. Putting the planner away and hitting pause on your personal clock will be incredibly important in your pursuit of being more spontaneous.

You don't even have to go at this whole thing solo. Grab an already bold buddy or a friend who's looking to be a little more fearless, too. You're young, wild, and more free than you'll ever be. Being 20-something is beautiful that way, and this year doing one of these seven spontaneous things will help you make the most of it. No ragrets, am I right?

Make A Mistake

We all need to be a little willing to laugh at ourselves. Making mistakes is part of life, and it's OK to fall down and fail — as long as you get back up. Being 20-something is the best time to make mistakes. Maybe you tried launching your own business, bailed on a friend, or failed that test last week. Take all the chances, try your best, and learn from the things that just didn't work out.

Become a better friend, and do some reckless things with the rad people in your life while the time is more right (Of course, apply some good judgment here. You are a grown-up now, after all.) You'll never have a time in your life when you're not so tied down and can truly try everything. Just don't forget to forgive yourself and the other people in your life — you're being fearless.

Buy Some Plane Tickets

Nothing says spontaneity quite like jet setting to somewhere far, far away. I have my friends and the spontaneous people I surround myself with to thank for always being so encouraging of experiencing the world.

Sure, buying plane tickets might not be the most practical for our budgets. But, that's not what this is all about. This year you should most definitely take that trip and escape your usual schedule. Life is about living, and traveling to foreign lands will really leave you so much richer — even if your bank account is hitting rock bottom. Let your wanderlust lead you into a more spontaneous life.

Find A New City To Call Home

Home sweet home. Moving to a new city might seem like a big and incredibly spontaneous step. You've seen the endless amounts of sitcoms that take place in little apartments around America, where friends get into all sorts of adventures together while also being the best roommates.

But, you don't necessarily need to get that studio apartment in New York City to be living the dream or channeling your inner spontaneous soul this year. Maybe you're just moving out of your childhood home for the first time and found a place a town or two over, or going all out and found a new job and home in another country across the pond. Wherever you may go, I hope you can call it home and feel pretty spectacular for getting out on your own.

Go Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping is seemingly on a lot of people's bucket lists. There's something about swimming in your birthday suit that feels incredibly reckless, humbling, and free. You're really not holding back, and when you're being spontaneous, you have to have that "just do it" mindset.

If you decide to do this activity, I would suggest saving it for a summer month. Take your dip in a daring friend's pool (because memories should never be made alone), and keep your towel close by.

Ditch Your Planner For A Week

Get off the grid. Ron Swanson knows the importance of simplicity, and so should you. Our planners are the biggest perpetrators of stress. They keep us on such a tight schedule and constantly remind us of the looming to-do lists at hand.

This year, in order to be more spontaneous, you'll want to ditch your planner and gel pens for at least a solid week. It'll be an instant weight off your shoulders and you'll wonder where all this extra time for adventure came from so suddenly. Truth is, when we're not letting the clock decide our daily lives, there's so much more time for activities. Routine can be nice, but not when it's oh-so-ruling.

Say "I Love You"

Sharing our true colors can be scary. A lot of spontaneous things tend to send us into that horror movie spiral — especially when rejection is seemingly right around the corner. But, saying "I love you" can be beautifully candid and costs absolutely nothing. Being so carefree with your feelings might be something totally new to you, and it may seem a little awkward at first. I promise, it's so worth a try.

Living life and falling in love are both rollercoasters, and our emotions are an experience all on their own. Even if the other person doesn't say it back, you'll feel so spontaneous for saying those three words that mean so much more.

Spend Some Time With A Stranger

OK, yes, there is a such thing as stranger danger. But, over the years, we've gotten so comfortable with our usual friend crew that we rarely branch out to find new buddies. Spending some time with someone new can be incredibly rewarding, and you might even feel a little inspired in the long run.

Everybody has a story to tell, and taking your social skills to a new level and listening to someone else speak their mind is so important. It leaves you with a more open mind and daring heart. Maybe you sit across from a stranger in a coffee shop and strike up some conversation, or reach out to someone you met through a friend. Creatives, especially, are so willing to share their vision with the world, and you might be surprised at how simple it is to be spontaneous.