Where You Should Travel This Year If You're Single, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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All my single ladies, put your hands and passports up! That's right. This year you're not settling down, and it's going to start with sending yourself somewhere around the world. Traveling is a dream for the single girl. You'll have the chance to meet new people, explore new places and cultures, and let yourself wander on your own clock. You're young, wild, and free. It's time you start living your life like it, and make the most of this time the universe gave you to find yourself. If you're not sure where to jet set to, look toward the stars for where to travel this year when single, based on your zodiac sign.

They say that in your lifetime you should take at least one trip completely solo. To some, the idea of hopping on a plane without a travel buddy sounds like a nightmare — especially if it's going to somewhere across oceans and seas where the language isn't the same. How will you make friends? What will people think when you're eating alone at a restaurant? When these thoughts come around, I hope you'll channel your inner Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslet. (*Hits play on The Holiday for the millionth time this year.*)

Truth is, traveling alone can be incredibly therapeutic. When we let our minds and feet wander freely we discover new things about ourselves. The single life can have its salty moments, but packing your bags and surrounding yourself with something new will be incredibly sweet. Based on your zodiac sign, here's where you should be taking your single self this year.

Aries: Cape Town, South Africa
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You love the single life, Aries. Out of all the star signs, you're probably the most confident and curious about traveling solo. After all, you've always been one to do your own thing. Group projects in class were the absolute worst for you, and you often found yourself being the leader of the pack and PowerPoint presentation.

Cape Town will be the ideal destination for you because it has a whole lot of heart and energy. You'll enjoy the extreme excursions you can do — hiking, safaris, shark cage diving, and bungee jumping. Not everyone would be up to such a task, but you've never been one to back down from a challenge. Just be a little patient on the plane. It's a long trip, but worth the travel day.

Taurus: Florence, Italy
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The single life might have you feeling a little blue, Taurus. So, the stars are going to send you to a place that will speak a little to your soul. You love the love story. You may have been called a hopeless romantic at one point or another, or just found yourself falling too hard and losing yourself in the process. A place like Florence will make you feel complete.

This city is bustling, and oh-so-beautiful. Everything in Italy is an art form, from the language to the one-too-many pizzas you'll inevitably eat. You'll appreciate the chefs who don't like to change their dishes, and the guitar players who play in the squares at sunset. The streets lined with high-end fashion retailers and the Tuscan hills surrounding the city will leave you so satisfied. Being single isn't so bad, huh?

Gemini: Portland, Oregon
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Seeing the whole world is on your bucket list, Gemini. So, the single life is just the right time to jet set and get started. On an average day, you love taking little trips to your local coffee shop or finding local adventures. Getting out and social is your strong suit, and there are few people on this planet you wouldn't be able to strike up an instant conversation with.

You're not a big fan of the single life because you've yet to discover the difference between being alone and finding solitude. Portland will be perfect for you, because you'll be able to surround yourself with friendly strangers, spend hours sitting in the world's biggest bookstores, and get inspired by a place with so much going on. Go bike riding, or visit one of the national parks nearby — your curious mind will want to see it all, and you'll be thankful for the endless opportunities to wander and find something new.

Cancer: Barbados
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You always follow your heart, Cancer. It's difficult for you to turn off your emotions because they drive you and your decisions a majority of the time. You won't be the first one to strike up a heart-to-heart, but you'll most definitely be the sympathetic ear when one of your besties is having boy problems.

A relaxing getaway is exactly what you need right now. The city life may not be for you, which is why you're going to pull up a beach chair in beautiful Barbados. The home to Rihanna and rich culture, this Caribbean island will show you a lot of love and turn that single girl frown upside down. Your Water sign will truly feel so content after hopping here.

Leo: Barcelona, Spain
alovewithnature on Twitter

You find a way to be in love with life, no matter what the circumstances may be, Leo. Sure, being single isn't as comfortable for you as being surrounded by a loving squad. But, you've found beauty in being able to have unlimited time to have fun with friends and family.

Single life isn't so sad, and you're living life like a party. You'll keep it going in a place like Barcelona — an energetic city with nightlife that will have you dancing until dawn. You'll love the vibrant colors of Gaudi's Park Guell, and the fresh fruit smoothies at the local markets. You're a Sun sign, so the beaches will speak to your soul a bit, too. Sounds good, right?

Virgo: Pacific Coast Highway, California
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You're an Earth sign, Virgo. The single life might have you feeling like you've lost your roots. It's hard for you to feel understood, because you may often put so much thought into the little things, and don't get the same in return. Getting back to nature and going somewhere with a lot of greenery will be key.

Riding along the Pacific Coast Highway in California is the adventure you need to book ASAP. It's the ultimate road trip, filled with camping spots in national parks and ocean far beyond what the eye can see. You'll love planning where you'll spend each day along the way, and the culture of a place that admires clean eating and caring about people. Just don't forget to pack some snacks and make a playlist for one of the best road trips in the books.

Libra: Bali
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You work hard to keep your peace of mind, Libra. So, someplace that will have you feeling centered is surely the spot for you. The usual yoga retreat won't be enough, and you love the outdoors. Why not get a little spiritual and take your single self to Bali?

An Indonesian island with bright blue surf and soft sand will be totally ideal for bringing some balance to your life. You hate conflict and drama, and try to steer clear of any arguments that might put you in a sticky situation. Nobody likes the drama, let's be honest. But, you'll truly be able to escape it when you're living such a sweet and serene life. Surrounding yourself with beauty in Bali will truly elevate your single life and soul.

Scorpio: Phuket, Thailand
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You love your emotions, Scorpio. Sometimes getting so in your feels has gotten you into a little bit of trouble, but you love how effortlessly human you feel every time you get to express yourself. You're not quite as adventurous as a Sagittarius, but you're pretty close. Somewhere exotic that's full of life, passion, and waterfalls will be your single girl stop.

Phuket will leave you feeling rejuvenated. You'll love the beauty of the natural world, and the Water sign in you will be dying to take a quick dip in the teal waters. Hop on a boat and cruise in between the mountains, or take a day and visit an elephant sanctuary. Elephants never forget, and you'll definitely remember all the memories you made in Thailand forever and always.

Sagittarius: Greece
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Your wanderlust is unreal at all times, Sagittarius. If we're being honest, the single life feels sort of ideal to you because you're such a flight risk anyways. You've committed yourself to your surroundings and are constantly changing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Sure, you'll settle down with that special someone at some point. But for now, you have a lot of world to see — and this year, you're going to start with getting yourself to the Greek.

Wandering the world is helping you find your purpose, and a place rooted in some of the most ancient philosophies will give you a new guiding light. From the sunsets of Santorini, to the ruins of Athens and the nightlife of Mykonos, this country has probably already been on your bucket list for quite some time, and now you'll finally be able to check it off. The adventurer in you will love that your life will feel something like a movie. *Cues "Dancing Queen" by ABBA.* Meryl Streep, where are you?

Capricorn: Edinburgh, Scotland
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You like quality over quantity, Capricorn. So, your bucket list might not be full of a million places you're dying to go to, but instead just a few really good ones you can't bear to miss. In your single life you're focusing on family. You love tradition and are fairly serious in your relationships. Loosening up isn't quite your forte, but you'll find a lot of joy and freedom in a place like Scotland.

You might need to pack a coat, because the weather might be a little chilly. But, the cold will be nothing in comparison to all the culture you'll experience during your time in Edinburgh. Take a tour through one of the many castles, or visit a whiskey distillery. After all, Ron Swanson is basically your spirit animal, and those little islands off the coast of this place are totally approved.

Aquarius: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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You're incredibly independent, Aquarius. So, this probably isn't the first time that you've thought about taking yourself on a trip. You love to run away from your emotions, and sometimes that means actually getting on a plane, train, or bus and launching yourself into a new location.

A city like Dubai will be the modern hub you're looking for in the single life. Out of all of your friend crew, you tend to be the most progressive. You love to start the tough conversations and challenge people to think differently. The city will give you a boost of energy, with a lively nightlife scene and skyline you'll want to snap a pic of for your social media.

Pisces: Sydney, Australia
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You love being alone, Pisces. So, the single life is going quite swimmingly for you. You're fairly introverted in the sense that you get a lot of life from just sticking in your headphones and putting on your favorite playlist. But, you're ready to branch out and heading to a place like Sydney, Australia will be your perfect escape from your usual reality.

Take an excursion out to the Great Barrier Reef, or listen to some music at the famous opera house. Nemo and his pals loved this city, and now you'll be having your own adventure in the land down under, courtesy of the stars and your sign.