10 Spots To Eat Around The World If You Love Pizza As Much As Joey From 'Friends'


When it comes to pizza, nobody wants to share food. Joey from the oh-so-relatable sitcom Friends might seem selfish at first, but when it comes to 'za, he's really just being realistic. We know that when the pizza craving hits, you must do something about it. So, I've curated a list of pizza places around the world for you to satisfy your cheesiest of cravings. From Rome to New York City, it's always worth the trip.

Whether you call it a "pizza," or maybe a "pie," most people can agree nothing tastes better than a good, old-fashioned slice on a Friday night. Kicking up your feet after a long week and watching your favorite reruns wouldn't be quite the same without something cheesy from your local parlor. What party? You're having a personal pizza party!

Joey has constantly stolen a pizza our hearts, reminding us that we should never hang up on our friends (like our favorite delivery person from the place down the street), and that ordering anything less than two pizzas is just "wack." People who don't believe in the power of pizza? Don't listen to them. It's just what our friend Joey calls a "moo point."

There are millions of pizza places around the world, and we'd love to try them all in our lifetimes. But for now, if you truly love the 'za as much as Joey, you'll add these 10 places to your bucket list.

Gusta Pizza In Florence, Italy
studyabroadapts on Twitter

This is one of Florence's most popular pizza stops, especially for study abroad students. Right across the river near Piazza Santo Spirito, Gusta Pizza is a quaint — but always jam-packed — family-owned pizzeria with fewer than 10 options on the menu. My personal favorite is the one with fresh arugula on top. But no matter what you choose, you really can't go wrong.

To truly get the full experience, take a quick sunset walk to Piazzale Michelangelo with a bottle of wine to see incredible views of the city and Tuscan hills before making your way to this eatery — and don't forget to ask for a heart-shaped pizza!

Frank Pepe's In New Haven, Connecticut
voiceofpuck on Twitter

Famous for its coal-burned and crispy, yet chewy, crust, Frank Pepe's remains the one reason why people from Connecticut think their pizza is better than the pies of New York. This pizza is simply classic — with perfect proportions of sauce, bread, and cheese to create the ideal slice of 'za. If you're looking for a New Yorker-worthy pizza without the fuss of the city, this is the place for you.

Artichoke Basille's In Chelsea, New York
farbav on Twitter

Spinach artichoke dip just got an upgrade. In fact, your life just got an upgrade after eating a slice of Artichoke Basille's signature artichoke pizza. With multiple locations throughout New York City, it is an easy stop with generous serving sizes and a unique flavor.

Regina Pizzeria In Boston's North End
Barstool Sports on YouTube

Barstool's El Presidente approves of this brick oven eatery. Known as one of Boston's finest pizza institutions, Regina Pizzeria gives off a commercial vibe but creates the flavor of a traditional pie. After just one bite, you'll be wanting to order the Joey special: two pizzas!

Full Moon Pizzeria In Bronx, New York
ediblebronx on Twitter

Have you ever seen such a photo-worthy slice? Full Moon Pizzeria in the Bronx steals a pizza everyone's heart. An old-fashioned feel and classic Sicilian pies have Fordham students and neighborhood families alike lining up at the door. Pizza like this will always be worth waiting for.

Lombardi's Pizza In Little Italy, Manhattan, New York
vitamincarlos on Twitter

America's first pizzeria sits in the heart of Little Italy in Manhattan, New York. With a smoky, coal-burned crust, this is the perfect spot for your next Friday night date night. Maybe just bring a little extra dough.

Flatbread Company In Paia, Hawaii
rook_hawaii on Twitter

Flatbread Company is the perfect spot if you're looking to taste some local cuisine. With multiple locations, including Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Maine, this pizzeria is dedicated to sustainability and making community connections with fresh ingredients provided by local farmers. Clean eating meets our favorite food. But wait — pizza is a vegetable, right?

Li Rioni In Rome, Italy
Marisa Casciano

When I studied abroad, I visited a lot of Italian cities, including Rome. It wasn't my favorite because of how busy it was in such touristy areas, but I'd go back solely for a Li Rioni pizza.

Decorated like an outdoor patio, the space was cozy with lamps that looked like streetlights and archways. The pizza was thin-crusted with delicately placed toppings like olives, eggs, and fresh prosciutto — and tasted best when paired with an Italian Peroni beer.

Santarpio's Pizza In East Boston
greekgodofhops on Twitter

If Ron Swanson and Joey Tribbiani had dinner, it would be at Santarpio's Pizza. Located near Logan Airport, this joint is where a BBQ dive meets a classic Italian eatery. Get a signature grilled meat skewer on the side of your flavor-filled and loaded slice. No frills and no credit cards.

L&B Spumoni Gardens In Brooklyn, New York
brianmayroam on Twitter

The word on the street is that at L&B Spumoni Gardens, the cheese is under the sauce — making this a one-of-a-kind stop for authentic Sicilian pizza. Top off one of these square slices with some sprinkled Parmesan and finish off your meal with a cup of their gelato.

If the craving wasn't real before, it most definitely is now. Pizza out.