The Girls' Trip You & Your Crew Need To Take This Year, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A girls' trip is one of the best adventures a woman and her crew can go on. No matter where you go, you know you're going to have the best time ever with a group of your favorite ladies. And since your crew is so beautifully made up of decorative personalities, we've sorted out where to go on vacation this year with your girl crew, based on your zodiac signs. Going on more than one will be so worth it.

Yes, ladies, the stars have spoken, and while we get along with our crew so well, our zodiac characteristics would all crave and benefit from certain trips differently. Now, don't get it twisted, the fun will still be had. Women in general are different, which is amazing, and if you consider the various signs as well, we all have a way of perceiving and digesting the awesome times unfolding around us. There's room to feed everyone's astrological necessities.

Any of these trips would allow you to regroup and rejuvenate. Isn't that what every vacation's goal should be? Don't get too hung up on the idea of fulfilling your zodiac. It's a part of you, and that's why you'll feel incredibly at peace or at home partaking in these girls' trips.

Aries: Follow An Expedition Through Panama's Darién National Park
ecocircuitos1 on Twitter

You're heading to the edge of Central America, Aries. As much as you like to take the lead on things, following a guided nature walk through Darién National Park will at least give you a few other firsts. For example, coming face to face with unbelievable wild life will certainly be an experience for the books.

Taurus: Beach Bum It In Playa Del Carmen
bnicholas on Twitter

Taurus, your devotion and reliability hasn't gone unnoticed. Let nature repay you with a little luxury you can only find on the beach. Don't act like you aren't incredibly appreciative of some glitz and glam from the sun.

Gemini: You'll Chat With Everyone In Charleston, South Carolina
randmcnally on Twitter

Gemini, you will literally soak up those incredibly charming small town feels that Charleston has. You'll learn the layout of the town quickly, and almost immediately ask questions. Your curiosity will flourish here.

Cancer: Let Your Imagination Soar In Joshua Tree
sunset on Twitter

Cancer, there's nothing wrong with getting emotional when you find yourself in the middle of Joshua Tree. It's beautiful, and you and your girls will feel super relaxed in nature. You won't imagine being anywhere else... except maybe in those hot springs.

Leo: Mardi Gras In New Orleans Will Brighten Up Your Life
contemprainn on Twitter

Mardi Gras is so festive, Leo, that you'll be completely mesmerized by all of the bright colors and entertainment. You and your friends will find fun around every corner. Also, there will be plenty of opportunities to be the center of attention as you throw necklaces to people passing by.

Virgo: You'll Enjoy A Dose of London
heathrowtube on Twitter

Virgo, you and your friends don't need to take your practical approach when it comes to vacationing. Heading over to London will give you a little taste of what life's like outside of your comfort zone. It's time to take a break from work, and start planning this fun girls' trip, like ASAP.

Libra: Edinburgh, Scotland Will Balance You Out
edinburgh on Twitter

Edinburgh is the perfect balance of history and fun, Libra. You'll love the way people harmoniously love their city. Warm or cold, there's always something to do here, and your crew will try to get to most of them.

Scorpio: Get Cozy In A Rented Cabin In Lake Tahoe, California
iiovenature on Twitter

Scorpio, the truth is, you need to relax. As much as you love nature, a cabin is a good dose of nature and comfort for you and your girls. Your resourcefulness will be greatly appreciated.

Sagittarius: Trek The Beautiful Streets Of Athens, Greece
discovergrcom on Twitter

The freedom involved in roaming the streets you've never been on, Sag, will feed your soul. You'll get super absorbed in the history of Greece. Don't be surprised if your friends keep nudging you out of your day dreaming state.

Capricorn: Get Those Family Feels In The Hague, Netherlands
europeupclose on Twitter

The Hague in the Netherlands will give you a taste of those family-friendly feels you admire, Capricorn. Experience different traditions with your girls. Relax, and don't take everything so seriously.

Aquarius: Embrace The Big Apple
wtimage on Twitter

You're known to be super independent, Aquarius. It's time to face a big city that you and your friends will have too much fun exploring. You never know what kinds of people you'll run into and the gems you'll stumble upon.

Pisces: There's Room For Quiet Time In Dubrovnik, Croatia
cnbctravel on Twitter

As much as you'll enjoy the time spent with your girls, you always need a few quiet minutes to regroup. Gazing over into the Mediterranean Sea should do the trick. Don't stray away for too long, though, because it's a group trip.

Let your wanderlust lead you and your girls to some epic trips this year. Regardless of your signs, make the moments count.