This Is Your Travel Destination For 2018, According To Your Zodiac Sign

My suggestion for a new year's resolution for everyone this year? Go on vacation at least once. Look, I'm the first person to claim I have no time or money for such things, but the more time I spend living in New York City, the more it becomes obvious to me that I need to make time to get out every now and then for a shift in perspective. If, like me, you're easily overwhelmed by travel planning, I'm here to help you figure out exactly where you should travel in 2018, all according to your zodiac sign.

Yes, that's right, the personality quirks that come along with your astrological sign might just offer some prime insight as to where you should spend all those coins you're saving up in your vacation jar. For example, a Taurus who really hates change, but loves those sateen sheets and breakfast in bed might not want to go on a hiking trip where you have to change campsites every night — see what I'm saying?

While, of course, you can take my suggestions for destinations with a grain or two of salt, do take as gospel the idea that vacations are truly not frivolous. Whether you're getting on a train for a day hike and staying overnight with a friend, or heading on a two-week, all-inclusive resort vacation, taking time to get out of dodge, so to speak, is actually really important for your mental health.

And since these suggestions are all based on zodiacs and astrology, remember that Mercury goes into retrograde three times during 2018 (March 22 through April 15, July 25 through Aug. 18, and Nov. 16 through Dec. 6), so I'd highly advise against planning your trips during any of those time periods to make sure your vacay is as soothing and fun as can be. Otherwise, read on for your ideal travel destination in 2018, according to your zodiac sign.

A Wise Capricorn Would Love To Do Yoga In The Berkshires
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You've made a commitment to make more space for some internal work this year, Cap — which is freaking awesome. So why not sign up for a yoga workshop at the Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health in the hills of the Berkshires? Book a massage, go on hikes, meditate, and enjoy deliciously healthy food in their amazing cafeteria. You'll feel totally renewed and recommitted to your self-care practices by the time you return home.

Get Lost In The White Sands Of New Mexico, Sagittarius
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You are always up for a trip, Sagittarius, and that's what I freaking love about you. In 2018, venture out to White Sands National Monument in the northern Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico. The desert dunes landscape is basically a sci-fi movie set, but it's real! Get yourself out there, go for a walk, and get a little lost in the sand.

Aries, Dare To Get Some Mountain Air In Montana
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Aries, you tend to go where other people don't. Although some might ask why on Earth you would go somewhere cold in the winter, you can tell them it's because you can do the damn thing, and not much intimidates you, least of all a little mountain snow.

Try a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana in February or March for a winter hike that will send your heart soaring.

Marfa, Texas Is As Charming As You Are, Gemini
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Marfa, Texas — a little desert city in the Lone Star State — is pretty much entirely an arts hub, created by artists. The destination has been described as "tough to get to, tougher to explain, but once you get there, you get it."

You'll be totally taken with the landscape and the immersion in all things creative. If you're working on a writing project or just want to get your emotionally complex soul a little fuel, this is the place to get invigorated, Gemini.

Treat Yourself To A Little Florida Sun, Taurus
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Let's be real, Taurus: As practical as you may be, you love a little luxury and an opportunity to do next to nothing. I've got you covered, my bull friends.

Choose a pal who likes to sit near a pool as much as you do. Even if it winds up being a weekend filled with walks on the beach, late brunches, a night out dancing, and a day where you do nothing but reapply sunscreen next to your hotel pool, the lights and lounge of a little Miami, Florida is just what you need when that late March misery just won't quit.

Assert Your Independence In Prince Edward Island, Virgo
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You do you, Virgo, as per usual. Take the ferry from Nova Scotia to the land of Anne of Greene Gables, because a trip out to Prince Edward Island will be more than perfect for you.

A little crescent-shaped island of fields and beaches off the coast of Canada, it's a unique and tranquil place that is as quirky as it is deeply inspiring — not unlike yourself, my Virgo friend.

Get Romantic in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Cancer
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No, there are none of those famous Mexican beaches, and no, it's not that easy to get to, but this small, colonial-era city in the central highlands of Mexico will hit your romantic sweet spot, Cancer.

Known for its rich scene of arts and culture, this destination is also a mecca of breathtaking Spanish architecture. There's so much beauty and inspiration, you might never want to come back.

Sensitive Libra, Enjoy The Warmth of Madeira, Portugal
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Libra, the cultural and literal warmth of this Portuguese archipelago of four islands will be a perfect fit for a week-long break for you, something that will be easy and enlivening to your sensitive, open spirit.

Find an Airbnb, or book yourself a cheap hotel so you can visit this unusual tropical paradise they call an "island of eternal spring."

Aquarius, Dream Your Way To Thor’s Well, Oregon

Aquarius, with an expansive mind like yours, you need a place that will truly meet the expectations of your imagination. This "seemingly bottomless sinkhole" — which literally swallows the seawater that surrounds it — is sure to captivate you.

Though it's considered a risky trip that could theoretically swallow a person during high tide, you've got this one, Aquarius. It's otherworldly, just like you.

Pisces, Escape To The Giant's Causeway in Ireland
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OK, so apparently, 60 million years ago in Northern Ireland, there was a volcanic eruption that left behind about "40,000 interlocking basalt columns," which basically means rocks that are left after lava cools off.

Legend has it was actually the handiwork of a giant here at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, because the rock formations are placed in such a particular and alarming pattern. There's no better place to give way to your tendencies toward escape, Pisces, and feed that deeply adventurous spirit of yours.

Leo, Get Your Party On In Los Angeles, California
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You like the lights, you like the excitement, and you love the party, Leo. There's basically no better vacay destination than the land of the stars. Catch a movie in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery this summer, then make your way to King King for a night of dancing and drinks.

Scorpio, Unwind And Relax In Ripton, Vermont
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OK, so you're intense, Scorpio. That's totally cool. But it means you need time to seriously unwind. While it might drive you up a wall to just sit on the beach all day, you're also not really one for roughing it. Try taking a trip to Ripton, Vermont, home of the poet Robert Frost. You'll find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature, with all sorts of outdoor activities at your disposal. But hey, if you feel like it, you definitely have the option to stick it out in total peace and quiet by the fire with a gigantic book on your lap.

So, what are you waiting for? Go book your trip!