Annakeara Stinson


Annakeara is a lifestyle writer at Bustle who covers all kinds of great things like women's sexual and reproductive health, relationships, mental health, and body image. Her work has appeared Bust, Marie Claire, IndieWire, The Temper, Paste, and Brooklyn Magazine. Previously, she worked at Elite Daily writing about women's health and wellness. She just received her MFA in Fiction at The New School, and is working on her first novel. Annakeara is also a lifelong dancer, a lover of teen rom-coms, reading, and art, and can sleep for more consecutive hours than most people she knows. She grew up in VT with a menagerie of animals and is hoping to one day have a mini-donkey.

Here's How Sitting All Day Affects Your Brain, Not Just Your Body, According To Experts

By Annakeara Stinson
This isn't breaking news, but people sit a lot these days — like, a lot a lot. Whether you sit at a desk between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the reg, or you can usually be found on the couch studying for your next midterm, being an adult in the modern…