The JoBros, Priyanka Chopra, & Sophie Turner Dancing On A Yacht In Miami Will Give You FOMO

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unless you've been living under a rock, or in this case, under a yacht, you've probably heard that the Jonas Brothers are back, baby, and they're taking the world by sibling-storm after dropping new music for the first time as a trio since 2013. And if the video of the Jonas Brothers, Priyanka Chopra, & Sophie Turner dancing on a yacht is any indication, they are very, very excited about this reunion and will not be stopping the party until the full-blown album release later this year.

So, the gang is obvs on vacation down South enjoying the sun and waves, but they are also down there shooting music videos for what I can only imagine is more of that yet-to-be-released, oh-so-anticipated new music. The whole crew is posting all about that Miami life on Insta and making the rest of us jealous that we're not partying on boats with our loved ones, but instead still wearing down coats even though it should have been windbreaker weather two weeks ago.

Yes, as Nick selfies an impromptu lip sync to his own single, he is going full-fledged 80s summer lifeguard vibes in a green mesh tank and Terminator shades. His brothers are dancing and singing along in the background, and Priyanka is dancing and looking super smooth (in a very killer dress) while Sophia is keepin' it punk with a vintage tee and Ray-Bans.

It's all very pop-star vacation, and I'm here for it. Literally. Even though I wish I was there for it. Did I mention I'm still cold?

Anyway, I gotta say, while "Sucker" is a pretty catchy freakin' song, I did also get a little nauseous the first few times through the vid. Hold the camera still, Nick! We know you're excited, man, but come on!

But then, of course, he does us that favor. Nick brings it all to a very dramatic ending, holding the camera totally still on his face for a long time as the song comes to a close, cheekily raising his eyebrow before having a brief struggle turning off the camera. "Sucker vibes in Miami," his caption reads.

Rest assured that Nick is not the only one of the crew letting us know they are having a good time down there. Priyanka posted plenty of lovely still shots, too, and a video that is my personal favorite, wherein Priyanka, Nick, Sophie, and Joe dance to some Bollywood tunes. But Nick takes over the camera once again in that video, reminding us of everyone's Dad filming himself making jokes at a family barbecue.

Any way you slice it, the guys are definitely still at work down there, because all the JoBros have also been teasing us all with amazing pictures of the music videos to come.

Um, someone tell me what is happening here, please? I'm very excited about it. And let me know where I can get some of those white leather loafers, while you're at it.

Get ready, y'all. I think this is going to be a very JoBro summer.