You May Have To Wait Quite A While For Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom To Walk Down The Aisle

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Due to their Valentine's Day engagement announcement, you are probably eagerly awaiting your invitation to the wedding of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. And by invitation, I do mean spotting the Instagram stories of Katy Perry trying on bridal shoes, and trying to sniff out the subtle hints they may publicly drop as to whether this is going to be a summer or autumn affair. So, when is Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's wedding date, exactly?

Well, don't go purchasing champagne to celebrate just yet, because a source tells ET that the two lovebirds are not in any hurry to secure a date for the ceremony. Elite Daily reached out to Perry and Bloom's teams for comment on the report, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Yes, while the two of them have definitely decided to make the big til-death-do-they-part commitment, as for actually planning the party, they are reportedly not all that concerned with going fast.

The source tells ET:

[They] have started planning their wedding, but there is no rush.

Which means, IMO, Bloom has no interest in becoming a Groomzilla, and Perry just wants to make sure they are not forced to settle for a mediocre caterer.

But for real. Why, you ask? Why do they want to take it slow rather than run down to city hall and lawfully declare their love ASAP (lookin' at you, Justin and Hailey)? Is it because stress kills, maybe? Well, we may never know for certain. But the source tells ET that the two of them have done this whole wedding thing before, and they know that they "want to do it differently" this time.

Since Perry previously tied the knot with Russell Brand, and Bloom was once married to Miranda Kerr, they reportedly just want to make sure they get it right from top to bottom this time and not put too much undue pressure on the whole thing. Personally, I think that sounds smart. Who wants to make a day about love into something that makes you anxious?

Plus, the couple has always had many super deep things to say about the meaning of love. Can we just remember what Bloom posted right before they announced their engagement?

Truth. Such truth!

The source also tells ET something extremely sweet. Bloom and Perry reportedly just enjoy being around each other so much and are so into their lives together that they aren't worried about getting it on the calendar until they can both focus. The sources claim that they want to make the wedding filled with friends and good times, because that's what matters.

Katy and Orlando love to have fun together, in life and with their friends, and that’s what they are planning for their big day. The couple is serious about their future, but they aren’t stressing about hammering everything out now. Katy and Orlando are both very busy, and when things slow down they will get married, but right now there is no set date.

The source also claims that the two have known for a long time now that they were in it for the long haul, they were just keepin' it to themselves. And, if I'm honest, who knows, I personally wouldn't be surprised if the two of them got married tomorrow while skydiving or something.