The Moment Hilary Duff's Baby Hugged Her After Being Born Will Make You So Emotional

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hilary Duff is often sharing freakin' adorable photos of her enviable family life, and the heart-melting cuteness has only increased since she gave birth to baby Banks Violet five months ago. But yesterday, an intimate black and white Instagram video of Hilary Duff's water birth literally show Banks Violet, only minutes old, hugging her mom as though she's saying "Why, hello, mom! Thanks for bringing me to the planet!"

It's one of those moments that kinda reminds you of the miracle that is life, so you might want to get out a box of tissues (or fourteen) while you watch and re-watch Banks Violet's tiny infant hands reaching out to give the Lizzie McGuire legend their first squeeze as mom and kiddo. While this is not the first time we've gotten to see this beautiful baby and her mama, it is the first footage she's shared from the actual birth experience.

The Younger star captioned the emotional video:

I’ve been wondering for a long time if I would ever share this video as it is extremely personal.... it was so absolutely lovely and rewarding (and shocking) that after giving birth to my baby girl we hugged ...for the first time, In my mind I like to believe that she was saying good job mom. Go team go. We did it. Together.

Excuse me while I go into the bathroom and quietly weep for a while.

Anyhoo, as Duff shares in her post, she was never completely certain whether or not she wanted to share the video of their water birth, since it was such an intimate moment. But she eventually figured it was worth the public share, because her devoted fans probably need something so utterly darling to reinvigorate their faith in the universe when the workday is getting a little boring and/or the news is painfully cringe-worthy.

I would say that the best part of the birth video has to be when you hear someone in the background yell out, totally ecstatic, "she just literally reached out both of her arms, reached up and put her arms around her mom!!!" Be still, my heart.

H. Duff goes on to thank the whole crew that made such a special welcome for baby BV possible.

Matt provided such a safe calm strength, my mommy and sissy were there to cheer me on, and of course my birth angels to make sure all was well and big brother (downstairs deep in legos). I cannot believe this day was only 5 months ago!! It seems like B has been here with us all along.

Duff also shares that baby Banks Violet and her chubby little cheeks tried avocado for the first time yesterday, so that kind of deserves a miniature avocado shaped trophy, IMO.

But again, y'all, this is not the first or last time we will be living that darling #momlife vicariously through Hilary, Banks Violet, her big brother Luca, and BV's papa Matthew Koma. They just are always doing adorable things.

And actually, can we talk about where Banks Violet got that head wrap? No joke, I want one ASAP.

Well, congrats to the whole fam on making it to month five, and even seeming pretty well rested, to boot. Maybe if we're lucky, Banks Violet and Luca will make it onto the rumored but oh-so-hoped for Lizzie McGuire reboot.